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  I think there is evidence for halos in the Bible, but not as envisioned by most artists. Revelation 10:1 describes an angel clothed in clouds and a “rainbow” over his head.The angels that visited Ezekiel had what he described as “…something like an expanse, like the awesome gleam of crystal, extended over their heads.” Ezekiel 1:22 (NAS) That could very possibly be describing a glass-like helmet, something worn by many of our modern-day visitors.

  Ezekiel's 4-faced angel
One artist's depiction of Ezekiel's four-faced angel Illustration reveals just how literal some interpretations are and enfluenced by the artist's prejudices and knowledge.
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UFOs: Mythology? Alien life forms? Demon spirits?
…or…something else?

discovered many years ago, now, that the subject of UFOs was off limits. Too much ridicule was associated with the claim of having witnessed this "outer space" anomaly. Like untold millions of Americans, I saw a UFO as a teenager but didn’t know how to process the experience. I waited many years before fixing my stare back on the elusive UFO. Why? Candidly, I was more concerned with my own small grasp on reality and struggled to make sense of life. It made no sense until I rediscovered my faith in God. But if I saw and believed in UFOs, how could I simultaneously keep my belief in the uniqueness of mankind and the God of the Bible, whom I'd never seen? Alien life forms from planet-X seemed highly antithetical.

God showed us, through His Son, that He loved us enough to forgive our humanity. A straightforward plan. Brilliant in its simplicity. It was all-inclusive and covered the multitude of mankind's shortcomings, all based on God's merciful foregiveness. And He gave us an owner's manual to make it easily accessible. His divinely preserved Word covered everything. What about UFOs? How could He have missed this one…the greatest enigma on the planet? Didn't God have an explanation either? And wouldn't it be in His book? Something like: it's the Devil at work producing little green men to get us off track. But, no, not even that. If the Devil is a fallen angel, then isn't there the possibility, or rather, a great likelihood that some of the so-called "aliens" riding in UFOs might actually be unfallen angels? If Satan’s goal is to misdirect us with thoughts of creatures, quite unlike ourselves, living on other planets who may, or may not, have their own ideas of God, then why hasn’t he directed his aliens (demons) to actually interact with us...to meet with top scientists or politicians and explain their false ideas of God? Wouldn’t that actually substantiate their claims in most people’s minds? And wouldn’t that achieve Satan’s goal of destroying believers' faith in the Christian God on our planet?

So far, I haven’t met any pastors or teachers who can offer more than, “It’s the Devil’s work.” To attach a kind of voodoo status to the UFO seems totally out of character to legitimate close encounter experiences. The overwhelming majority of reports indicate they exhibit nonintervention in their interactions with humans, or curiosity at best (excluding the sensational lies by those who desire to profit or gain notoriety from the phenomenon). They’re hardly out in the open. In fact, UFOs give new meaning to stealth – except when they are responding to something on our planet, the specifics to which we are not privy. Yet, Gallup Poll put the number of Americans who have seen UFOs at nearly 30 million. Peter Jennings and ABC in a special report put the number at closer to 80 million who believe UFOs exist. They're real and millions know it. Unfortunately, a host of charlatans are eager to tell us all about our long-lost "space brothers" with home planets hidden behind the sun, or alien impregnations from a dying remote world eager to reseed their progeny. The foolishness goes on endlessly. And many poor, confused souls are mislead by those who wish to profit from their less-than-honest assessments. Science fiction writers who are advanced $1 million by their publisher to write a book on alien abduction, as an example. And, of course, a whole host of Eastern occultists who have made a cottage industry out of exploiting the phenomenon and distorting it to fit their chosen brand of theosophy.

The clergy, however, seems unable, or at least unwilling, to discuss the matter beyond the “it’s the Devil“ thing. And their pat answers are less than forthright. I have an answer. But then, I bothered to actually investigate the UFO inigma in depth. I investigated the stories behind all the common myths about UFOs, detached from their non-interventionist reality. There are a lot of whacky explanations given, even by those who are in authority in our government. Things like the infamous “swamp gas” explanation in Michigan. The lack of understanding and colorful imaginations of reporters and debunkers has created a whole host of misconceptions. But there are plenty of myths out there about the Bible, too. Things like seven-headed beasts with ten horns, a giant sea monster called leviathan that breathes out fire, four-headed beasts in wheels “with eyes ‘round about” (read Ezekiel chpts. 1 and 10), and humanoids with big flappy wings like a bird. The illustrations I’ve seen are often laughable, others have become accepted as the norm, as with angels. When the prophets spoke of “wings” they were only describing the method used by these humanoid beings to fly up into the sky. Whether they identified them metaphorically as wings or wheels, they used the limited scientific knowledge and terminology of the day.

wheel within a wheel   winged angels
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People are willing to believe these misguided interpretations and fabrications from the imaginations of primitive artists, many relying on pagan images of winged creatures, especially the half-bird-half-human goddess of the Egyptians, Isis, who, incidentally, also had a round globe (the sun) over her head, often misinterpreted as a halo. These are accepted orthodoxy, so why not the fact that what we call 'aliens' are, in actuality, angels. There...I’ve said it. Now prove it, you say? Well I have, as my research details in ALIENS & IN-LAWS. The normal worldly view is quite the opposite. Many, many false teachers are saying that angels, which were described by unsophisticated men in the Bible, were actually aliens from some other planet or plane in a far away galaxy, or they may even be interdimensional, or plasma-like creatures. The hypothesis was even expounded upon by a television documentary on the History channel. “Were the Bible's angels actually aliens?” they ask rhetorically, and then build their case by discrediting a creature called an angel, while building the case for aliens. Ironically, the inverse is the gospel, but they refuse to accept it. I suggest it’s their choice of lifestyle which simply prevents them from entertaining the proposition that maybe the Bible is the Word of God. And when I say that, I mean the complete Word. All the answers are there. It’s just that many are hidden in allegory or revealed in strange forms too mysterious for past generations of technologically ignorant men to understand.

UFOs and the demon conspiracy

So that there is no misunderstanding, I do think many of the creatures in UFOs are demonic. I do not discredit that conclusion by many. I am saying simply that you can know them by the messages they profess. For the most part, I am inclined to disbelieve those who make such claims as aliens are impregnating Earth's women, or have come to prevent man from destroying our world and possibly theirs. I think it is primarily the mindset of the observer which is being professed; that they didn't really speak with a "space brother" at all. Yes, we call them liars. Liars with big imaginations.

Christianity is no stranger to the odd or mysterious. So why do most of it’s major leaders avoid the subject of extraterrestrials? What is it that makes them so uncomfortable? I sent letters to several men of notoriety from different denominations without any response. I tried to get two pastors that I’d known for many years to read my manuscripts. One took copies which he never read. The other flatly refused to even entertain the subject, something about he was, “...too busy.” Too busy? Too busy to contemplate the most significant mystery on planet earth? No, I think more like afraid. Afraid to have their own paradigm of religion challenged. Afraid of ridicule from their colleagues. I don’t get it. And trying to have a conversation about religion with the 'churched' and then work in the divine plan behind the UFO phenomenon is all but impossible. You can actually feel the walls go up.

I have always challenged “orthodoxy” without fear or trepedation. All I seek is Truth. But that must make me highly unusual. Highly offensive to the dogmatic. If you’ve stayed with me this long, I suspect you’re “highly unusual”, as well. Some would even say, “Special."

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Why are we special? Because we are not like most of the mundane living in this world. It’s the inability of most to accept any concepts that aren’t already put in their heads by the norms of society. Adherents to peer pressure. Slaves of their possessions. Members of 'Jackass, the Generation' (my term) who'd rather ridicule, or destroy than actually reason. God forbid, they should read a book! As for me, I don’t especially like the “norms” of this society. I’m old enough to have seen the decline of decency in America. What we call normal would shock our grandparents. It’s difficult to find anyone with integrity and decency any more. Everyone in my life, with few exceptions, has let me down with a thud. How about you? I want to avoid that outcome in my dealings with others. It’s about forgiveness. About unconditional love and unending charity. That’s what we aspire to on this website and I think that’s what God wants us to aspire to in life. Faith. Hope. Charity. “...but the greatest of these is charity,” Paul tell us (I Corinthians 13:13 ). “But greed gets in the way,” as one angel put it. “We could be so much farther evolved in our understanding of the universe if we weren’t so self-absorbed. The knowledge is available in the spiritual realm, but man will not seek out this realm” (re: how to gain revelatory knowledge, as paraphrased from the volunteer abductee, Betty Andreasson, in her conversation with an HFO / UFO's occupants). The spiritual side of the human experience is all that really matters. We need to seek out and develop that aspect of our existence. I’m not sure why this desire lives in me in a deep, quiet place. Even when my external man is crying out, my inner man says, “listen and learn.”

So what do you need to have heard? What deep fear or need drove you to this website? If it were just curiosity you would have left a long time ago, right about the first mention of God, I would guess. But you are here for a purpose. One only God knows. I’d love to hear from you if you think it would be helpful. But it would be much more effective for you to read ALIENS & IN-LAWS. I’ve spent years contemplating your questions and concerns. Having a UFO experience can be quite troubling. You need answers. But if it’s not in the Bible, then you probably don’t need to hear it. Certainly not inadequate advice from a mere mortal. That’s why ALIENS & IN-LAWS focuses on Scriptural explanations to the most perplexing of questions about UFOs and aliens, and uses commentary and anecdotal stories to help you understand that God is in everything. Even in the UFO. I like to call them HFOs, heavenly flying objects, because we can certainly know what they are, as well as understand their purpose, if we use the holy Bible as our reference. We can know, but we won’t be told the truth by those in the carnal world.

Government coverups, misinformation and denial

Governments have purposely misinformed us and have perpetrated an ongoing and extensive coverup of the phenomenon. They use ridicule to impose their objective. The objective is to make the whole thing go away. They don’t want to deal with those of us in the public who seek answers. And therein lies the rub. They have no answers. Rest assured, there are answers. They may not be the ones you want to hear, but they are the ones you need to know. To get the answers I would like to direct you to the book ALIENS & IN-LAWS. Once you have gotten a more complete understanding of the phenomenon, then you may enjoy reading the story of Reed Conners, astronaut to the stars. The story reveals their purpose…and there's a happy ending. For more on KEEPERS OF THE FIELD go to this LINK.

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