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Our Goals

Our goals are rather lofty considering our lowly status. As a startup with years, or rather decades, of research and effort in creating this project, we hope to facilitate increased awareness of some of the more significant signs of our times, as God wills. We are of the opinion that the time is very short for us to make our impact on this world, whatever that may be. We want to reach a typically young, more open-minded generation with answers to some of life's more perplexing questions. "Are there really aliens? Do they come from another planet? Do they worship their own idea of God..or are they agnostic?" And so forth.

Millions have seen UFOs. Billions are fascinated with the subject. Yet little has been done to give adequate answers to an understandably confused populace. There is much more to these "Last Days signs", forewarned of by Jesus Christ, himself (Luke 21:25), than to simply brand them all as the work of the Devil. We have spent countless hours uncovering the truth about the subject matter. What we have discovered is a wonderfully scripted plan that should bring comfort and confirmation to untold millions. UFOs (signs in the heavens) are an undeniable fact of life given the millions of eye-witness acounts, and Crop Circles (signs upon the Earth) are mysterious imprints which have been strategically placed in fields, by the thousands, around the world by an unknown hand. Both have a significant message for a dying world. They attest to the times in which we live. Christ's return is at the door. Are you ready? Are any of us ready? I mean, really ready. Probably not.

Comfort-shattering changes are coming and many will lose their faith in the God they've created in their own minds (
II Thess. 2:3). This is one of the most significant signs of the Last Days, as told to us by Jesus. The love of many shall wax cold because of the iniquity that has taken hold in the land (Matt. 24:12). Have you looked at "mainstream" media's nightly sitcoms? And shows like the Kardashians, Jersey Shores or South Park, which spew blather from the lowest common denominator in society...or daily "news" of all flavors promoting one viewpoint or candidate over another? Lies, distortions, lawlessness, immorality on an unprecedented level, all portend a soon-coming event that will shake the very foundations of this planet. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, it will come on those like a thief in the night and catch many millions unawares, even those who claim to be believers (Matt. 24:44, II Thess. 2:10-12).

So it's time to contemplate the evidence (
I Thess. 5:2-4). We offer our small contribution to a much larger nexus on the pages of this website. We pray it will have an impact on you, as God wills. And we hope this website will be useful and enjoyable, as well as informative, to those who want to learn of the mysteries in Scripture, along with learning of more current discoveries which point to the infallibility of the Word.

Our list of book offerings will grow as time permits. As you might well imagine, there are a host of viewpoints on our subject matter, so we proceed with caution. Some books hide their hidden agenda quite well, so we may also delete some of our titles from time to time.

We also want to open our online store for the sales of other items like T-shirts, Hats, and Logo pins. Our marketing concept includes distributing branded items using our HFO logo. We call it our flying fish brand. lol. If you haven't made it out yet, the design uses the traditional Christian fish logo (ichthys) with a disc-shaped HFO in its center. And a yellow circle or sphere inside of that. The sphere represents God, as well. No beginning and no end. This unique design will allow us to create name/brand recognition on an international level, which is the market we intend to reach. We covet your prayers in our efforts.

Future Aspirations

Our future plans include adding a more complex cart system which will allow books and videos to be rated by our customers. This is a very complicated procedure, which we have undertaken in the past, requiring PHP programming skills with integration into our existing HTML code. That's why we are still working on that one, however, we do have perfectly adequate payment channels through our Amazon interface which is all very safe, highly encrypted and reliable.


We will be adding links to a new charity soon called the African Aids Relief Fund (or affectionately, simply AARF) . It is our desire to bring comfort, and a little dignity to the innocent victims of the AIDS epidemic which is ravaging much of Africa. The children. We want to supply fresh, clean bedding for the children of this horrible scourge, many who are forced to sleep on painful boxsprings or among filthy rags. They are the truly innocent and we feel compassion for them in their unfortunate plight. If you make a purchase on this website a significant percentage will go toward this effort. That is our short-term goal. Longer term is the building of facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa where these items can be properly distributed. We appreciate your prayers for direction in this effort. We'll post updates as we press toward the mark.


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