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 Where does the concept of 'halos' come from?
  s 4-headed beast
One artist's depiction of Ezekiel's four-faced angel is far too literal. What about another made-up concept: halos. Are they Scriptural?
  winged Isis
The Egyptian Goddess, Isis who also sports a circle over her head which represents the sun. Likely the main influence of the notion of a glowing halo. Notice the horns in her headdress. Such horns are an intrigral part of the imagery of the Muslim faith and represent fertility.
Ark of the Covenant
Ark of The Covenant
arc with sphere
  Ark of The Covenant - This is one implement/vessel that no one really knows what it looked like because of its secrecy. Even when carried before the Israelites during moves or battles, it was covered by a special cloth and no one could see it. Only when Christ returns will we see exactly what the "wings of angels" really look like!  

The Platonic Solids
Roll your cursor over image to see the
1. Tetrahedron.

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2. Hexahedron

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4. Dodecahedron

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Excerpt from cropcirclemaker's website:

This is a direct reprint from the Web site of a "circle maker", with the exception of cleaning up the numerous mispellings and horrible (over)use of punctuation and spacing. Our years of training in the proper use of English and professional advertising design at the national level wouldn't allow us to reprint the amateurish, slovenly constructed original text. There's still an abundance of stylistic errors we left in for effect, so keep that in mind while reading their text. Small minds...small ambitions.


This is our story in how we conducted and made our first
independent crop circle in wheat

With some prior knowledge and advise from other circle makers under our hats we set off searching for the appropriate field and location. There were many fields to chose from but the one and only problem we encountered was what to do with our car? Parking outside the field you have chosen isn't really an ideal option so the whole process took nearly four hours until we found a suitable location to park our car and take a hike towards the chosen field. The ideal situation is for someone to drop you off at the location and pick you up after the deed has been done - on this day we didn't have this option. Prior to parking our car all equipment was dropped off and hidden in the chosen field (of course you don't want to be seen walking with planks and marking sticks, do you now…not in Wiltshire, anyway!) While we hung around for daylight to disappear we ran through the plan of action and discussed who was going to carry out various tasks. After a strong black coffee we took a steady hike towards the chosen location.

Approximately 10.30pm we approached the chosen field and slipped into the field unnoticed. We paused for a moment or so to have a final look around for cars, people etc. Daylight was still visible but it was a cloudy day which helped in making us more invisible in an open field (dark clothing or Army-type camouflage does also help). We retrieved our planks, surveyors tape and white tipped sticks (markers) and headed down a chosen tram line.

At this point I personally begun to feel that what we were about to do was wrong but it had to be done – not because we wanted to fool anyone, it was for our own investigative records. At least we could describe it the way it was (truthfully) rather than relying on second hand accounts and of course the proof that amateurs like us could pull off a stunt just like the pros.

The curiosity factor also takes hold whether something mysterious may appear and scare the living daylights out of you and send you packing. We did see and experience strange happenings while out with other circle makers but would it happen without them – that was the question?

The walk seemed endless to a suitable point in the field but in the time it took us to arrive at the location our eyes were fully adjusted so we could see pretty clearly around us.

We stopped for a few minutes to get our breath back and had that final look around and placed a marker in the ground (Tram line) for position of belongings and equipment. When equipment was no longer required we agreed to return all equipment to this marker – the last thing you need is to put something down and then spend hours trying to remember where you left it – so it's good practice to get into this type of mentality.

We were good to go! Before we started we joined hands and said a prayer asking for guidance, protection and assistance . I don't really know why we do this (as it is in theory a criminal act about to be committed) but I guess it's psychological and gives you a sense of security (with my own experiences out in the field I do suspect that there are ears out there that are listening!) When you make your first crop circle in the middle of the night one thing which I did was to constantly look around and listen for any odd distant sounds. The feeling is pretty normal and expected as you are committing an offence (you don't want to be caught - so awareness is essential) and not only this you are also aware of the possibility of something paranormal appearing in the distance so be prepared to be jumpy at first.

One of the crew holding the tape measure gently walked through the upright wheat without even breaking one stem - this can be achieved by slowly sliding your foot on the soil, rather than taking steps. Taking steps can put you off balance as you try to find a gap to place your foot in. By sliding your foot across the soil gently you can manoeuvre your feet around the base of the stems. The aim is to create an illusion that it was not possible for humans to have entered the wheat without causing any damage !.

The other end of the tape was a crew member walking backwards along the tram line until the desired measurement /circumference of our initial circle was reached.

We pre-marked the tape measure with a florescent liquid (grab yourself some thin glow sticks which you can buy from Pound Land for £1 for a box of 10 !! - do a small cut at the top of the glow stick and use it as a writing pen on your tape measure) so  we knew exactly that we reached 100 feet as our 100 feet writing  glowed on the measure ! - simple but very effective. The glow is not visible if you stand 20 feet away from it so don't worry, nobody will see it from a distance.  

The person holding the end of the tape makes sure that the tape is taught and then begins side stepping through the wheat (I found that sliding your foot across the base of the wheat gave a better flattened line definition - basically the construction line is more visible in the dark)

Once the initial construction lines of our circle were laid we then we flattened the first part of the wheat (This provides work space and allows movement for other crew members who may still be waiting in the tram line). The volunteers who do the flattening/stomping  should be prepared for some hard sweaty work ,strained butt cheeks and aching hips.

Once the initial circle was flattened we then divided the circle into four parts - using the marker sticks for positioned measurement (if you haven't spilled all the liquid out of the florescent stick put some on the tip of your maker stick - makes life so much easier when you can see your markers clearly without having to strain your eyes!) so we knew exactly where to take the next measurement from to create the next part of the design.

Some makers will have the design and measurements memorized but we had crouch down between the standing wheat with a small single led light which was barely visible to our crew but bright enough to check the design and measurements.

Just as we were ready to start on the outer design of our crop circle something very odd happened which made us all crouch down. To this day we have not been able to explain this!

                                "Just as we were about to create
                                    another C
onstruction Line ...
         the entire field lit up a pale blue ! "

Just as we were about to create another construction line (this would have been the start of the design outside the main circle) the entire field lit up a pale blue ! This pale blue can almost be described as the first light of dawn and it happened once before when we were out with other makers - at the time the light was blamed on moon light). We all ducked extremely fast and at first thought that a farmer was checking his field with a beam of light – we then looked up - the skies were dark and cloudy and no moon light was visible. It wasn't the farmer and it wasn't the moon so where the hell was this light coming from? What we all did notice is that this light did not bleed into surrounding fields, it was contained within the field we were working in. It was totally bizarre.

One of the crew did become rather anxious and wanted to leave as he became rather spooked by the experience. So I decided to go with him to the edge of the field just to check if we were visible in this rather odd light. As we got closer to the edge of the field (we chose the opposite side rather then the way we came in) the light was still visible but when we turned around to see if we could see the rest of the crew and partly made crop circle - all we saw was complete darkness but when we walked back the light was still clearly there! So to make the other crew more at ease they did the same just so they were assured that what we explained was indeed true.

We wasted about half an hour but the crew were a little bit more comfortable that indeed it was as we had explained. Despite the reassurance, the light, however, made everyone walk around the crop circle with hunched backs and constant head turning as the feeling of being spotted was clearly on everyone's mind, but we ploughed on and completed the 250 foot crop circle just after 2 am. We had a quick walk 'round to check that all intended areas for flattening were indeed flattened and here and there we also added some fancy hand twists to remaining upright wheat. Then we gathered all the belongings and checked that we exited with the same amount of equipment that we entered with."

This same crop circle phoney went on to explain a strange occurrence at his home on July 30, 2010, the night that the two crop circles appeared in the fields on either side of the M4 near Hungerford, Berkshire, of the pixelated face of Christ.

He tells how his wife texted him around 3:30 AM, in the dead of night while out doing his mischief, that he needed to get home right away. When he arrived he discovered that his entire family had been awakened by loud crashes in the downstairs living room. When his leary wife snuck quiety down the stairway she discovered that no one was there, but all except one of her husband’s framed pictures of phoney crop circles were laying on the floor. Whoever, or whatever, had done the deed had literally smashed them to the floor with such force that all the glass and frames were completely shattered.

He went on to conjecture that some “higher power” or force he simply calls, ironically, “truth“ was unhappy with the faked digitized face of Jesus in the fields that someone else had made. He, also ironically, scolded whoever it was that made the circles and repremanded they should never use religious symbols to fool the naive public. It’s obvious he doesn’t get it. He applied some kind of warped gentleman’s agreement that this kind of behavior was off limits. His strangely twisted sense of truth is very telling. You’ll find that the crop circles’ phoney art displays pentagrams and animals and Hindu and Mayan symbology generously while completely disregarding any sense of truth or honor.

This poor chap just didn’t get it. The unhappy ”force“ that crushed his crop pictures wasn’t trying to convey a message to "all those other guys," but to him. It is completely illogical to suggest that he was targeted for someone else’s mischief. The incident in the fields with an other-worldly light was revealing them to themselves. They aren’t getting away with fooling an unwary public. They were the ones who were stealing the public’s ”innocence,“ as he put it, by creating false crop circles with religious smybols from their own dishonest and tainted hearts.

By the way, there was one picture that remained undisturbed on John’s wall, he later confesses. It was the crop circle imagery of a figure eight (or the infinity sign) that appeared on 8-8-8. August eighth, 2008. What’s the message? Eight is the number of Jesus and that Crop Circle was definitely not man-made. All you phoney "croppies", are you listening?

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Now for a Word from The Skeptics

It's been clear for many years that modern crop pictures are most likely made by small robotic probes, and not by any visiting extra-terrestrials who are located here in person. If NASA were to send small robotic probes to some other planet under a distant star, and then try to bring about a preliminary form of open contact with the natives there, without having any access to their formal systems of communication, or leaders in government, what would they do? 

Would they perhaps instruct those probes to carve out easily visible messages in the native turf, so that everyone on that world could see such messages, and come to terms with the idea of open contact, and allow that world to overcome their fear of the unknown? Then when millions of creatures in that distant world saw such messages, and began to consider their implications, what would their governments do? Confirm the authenticity of such pictures, and advise everyone to pay close attention? Or simply debunk them out of an irrational fear of what the future might bring? Apparently our local governments on Earth have chosen the latter.

In addition to this persistent debunking of modern crop pictures by most large media organizations, probably at the behest of governments, there have also been supplementary, somewhat superfluous, criticisms by a loosely organized collection of people who call themselves “skeptics”. And they are given a voice, primarily on the Internet. A great many of their critical websites can simply be ignored, especially if they cite Wikipedia or the 1991 Doug and Dave story (two Brits who garnered a lot of media attention when they claimed to have been responsible for all the British crop circles – something totally out of hand) as proof of their intellectual correctness. Nevertheless, in order to give them a fair hearing, we tried to find the best possible websites that advocates pure scepticism regarding modern crop pictures, and came up with the following:

This is one of the three best sceptical websites, written by Professor Rory Coker of the Physics Department at the University of Texas. He states, "Believers in the supernatural wonder of crop circles never bother to take a clothesline and a broomstick, to see how simple it is to make a circle precisely like the ones they find inexplicable” (see  (this link will open in a new window).

As a demonstration of his theory he next directs us to the explanatory diagram of how all modern crop circles are made (found at - this link will open in a new window). Unfortunately, there is flawed reasoning in the arguments of the above website, particularly through omission, e.g. ignoring electro-magnetic properties and the presence of rare materials within the soil, also there are many typographical errors indicating a lack of sophistication, and, frankly, outright lies which tend to make me disregard all that they contend.

The last item in the long list of pseudoscience's characteristics is very revealing

PESUDOSCIENCE appeals to faith. It resembles a religion in trying to convert, to convince, and to ignore reasonable conclusions.

MY NOTE: This is obviously the work of an atheist or agnostic (as most scientists are) but further reveals the author's character and temperament by linking to Bush-bashing cartoons and websites, and promotes works from such noble scholars as Al Franken!

Here's the third skeptics site:
CSI-The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry  (this link will open in a new window) which presents a contrarian point of view. We’ll throw in one more from skeptic Jerry Kahn: San Diego Association for Rational Inquiry . This site has many links to like mindsets.

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Lies and Distortions run rampant within the UFO/Crop Circle world
Here's an example of the Lies and distortions you can expect any time the Great Deceiver and his minions get involved. This video claims to have recorded the voice of an actual alien who has benevolently called for peace on earth. Poppycock.

The above video is a prime example of the secular New Age take on the UFO/Crop Circle phenomenon. They promote the coming Age of Aquarius, One World Government, and a god of forces rather than a God of Love named Christ Jesus. Their whole goal is to generate profits from their lies and deceit. From such run far away.
Safari users: we strongly urge you to use Firefox as your browser to see our videos correctly. Here's a link to download and install this superior viewer (browser)...very simple. FIREFOX link
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Man-made Crop Circles

Here's some examples of man-made crop circles with a clear agenda of misinformation. If these were the only images that you used to figure out the legitimacy of crop circles, it's easy to see how one might assume they were of anti-christ origin. However, we must not be intellectually lazy but, rather, investigate the phenomenon with the blinders off. Satan has a counterfeit for everything in Scripture. Are we to expect that Crop Circles would be any different? If you look closely, you'll see the unmistakable hand of man on the counterfeit crop circles (below). Rough edges, imperfect alignments, uneven patterns are all indications of a fake. Remember, eight in ten crop circles of late, especially in the UK, are false, misleading designs. The messages of these particular circles point to concepts of Eastern mystical, metaphysical religions like Hindu, Buddhist and Mayan theosophies.

Ancient symbols for human spirituality
This uneven amatuerish image is of Mayan design.
Stantonbury Hill, Somerset 07-07-2007 - Wheat
Little London nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire 6-3-09 - Barley
Interesting design. Poor execution. Useless energy.
The image above is an obvious fake. The unmistakable influence of Eastern mysticism is prevalent throughout counterfeit circles and represents a worldview that is held by many "croppies". It miffs me that these designs seem to be accepted as mainstream. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The heavy hand of man is obvious in the images to the right. Most of the faked designs promote Eastern mysticism. Items like the Third Eye, mandala wheels, odd animals, even the portrait of Elvis in the fields of the UK, serve as Satan's distraction to the truth.



6   This is an example of the type of imagery that sells books and films. It's hard to imagine emotions of love, kindness and compassion coming from this character. Yet, that's what the legitimate contactee witnesses recount when they describe their encounters with the smaller "aliens". They are able to communicate telepathically, with their eyes being their main points of contact. If these advanced creatures had ill will in mind they could have destroyed our world many times over, but they have, instead, chosen to remain noninter-
ventionist and observant. However, if you are told by these creatures they are agnostic and want to prevent mankind from detroying our world and perhaps theirs, then beware. Fallen angels also exist in this fallen planet. We call them demon spirits and it's their desire to mislead us in God's plan of salvation. Most theologians agree. But do not fear, you have power through the blood of Jesus Christ to rebuke demon spirits. So either way, there is nothing to fear...unless you also refuse to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ. He is our protector and his Spirit will aid us in discerning the holy from the fallen.
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