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Halo in Christian

  I think there is evidence for halos in the Bible, but not as envisioned by most artists. Revelation 10:1 describes an angel clothed in clouds and a “rainbow” over his head.The angels that visited Ezekiel had what he described as “…something like an expanse, like the awesome gleam of crystal, extended over their heads.” Ezekiel 1:22 (NAS) That could very possibly be describing a glass-like helmet, something worn by many of our modern-day visitors.

  Ezekiel's 4-faced angel
One artist's depiction of Ezekiel's four-faced angel Illustration reveals just how literal some interpretations are and enfluenced by the artist's prejudices and knowledge.

and Vessels
used in Feasts,
Ceremonies and
Temple Worship
by Priests

Although use of the Temple Implements were made via directions from God, Himself, the complete creation and proper use of these implements did not occur until the time of Solomon when the Hebrews built the permanent temple in Jerusalem. During Moses' reign, the chief priest was his brother Aaron. For more details see our section: Third Temple
Copper Laver or Muchni - The copper laver and stand, which stands in the Temple courtyard between the sanctuary and the outer altar, is the first of the Temple vessels to greet the priests each morning. There the priests wash their hands and feet before proceeding to attend to the daily tamid offering.
Mizrak - The priest collects the blood from the sacrifice into the Mizrak, and then spills the blood onto the corner of the altar.
Large Mizrak - The large mizrak, as the smaller mizrak, is used to gather the blood of the sacrifice, and to spill it onto the corner of the altar. The large mizrak is used when sacrificing larger animals, (cows and bullocks).
Three Pronged Fork - The three-pronged fork is mentioned in 1 Samuel 2:13. According to Rashi and Maimonides, the fork is used to turn over the offerings on the altar fire, or to lift up unconsumed portions of the offering so that the woodpile can be rearranged.
Measuring Cup
Measuring Cup - Measuring cups are used for measuring flour, wine and oil, of which specific amounts are prescribed to be used as ingredients in various offerings.
Copper Vessel
Copper Vessel - The copper vessel is used for preparing the meal offering. Meal offerings are made using various amounts of flour, oil and spices. 
Silver Shovel
Silver Shovel - The silver shovel is kept on the southwestern corner of the altar. The shovel is used for the removal of ashes left on the altar, the first task performed by the priests each morning at the break of dawn. 
Silver Vessel Wine Libation
Silver Vessel Wine Libation -The silver decanter is used for the wine libation. Wine is poured on the altar twice daily, morning and evening, accompanying the daily service.
Lottery Box or Kalpi - On Yom Kippur, the High Priest reaches into the lottery box and chooses lots. Thus is determined which goat will be used as an offering to G-d, and which will be sent off to Azazel, as an atonement for the sins of the people. During the First Temple, the lots were fashioned of wood. In the time of the Second Temple, they were of gold. The lots pictured above are fashioned of both wood and gold.
Silver Cup for Libations
Silver Cup for Water Libation - The silver cup, with the golden flask, is used in the Festival of the Water Libation, which takes place during the Holiday of Succot. At dawn, triests and levites, accompanied by the throngs of participants, wend their way down to the Spring of Shiloach. Water is drawn from the spring, and carried up the the Temple in the golden flask, where it is poured into the silver cup, as it rests atop the altar. 
Silver Libation Vessels - One of the main aspects of the holiday of Sukkot (Tabernacles) is the Biblical commandment, "And you shall be glad on your holiday, and you shall be only joyful" (Deut. 16:14). Indeed, the pilgrims who arrived in Jerusalem at the Temple's courtyard came to rejoice. The focus of this rejoicing was the ceremony surrounding the commandment to pour water on the altar - the water libation.

Sickle - On the 16th day of Nissan, in a public gathering on the outskirts of Jerusalem, the first of the barley crop is harvested using sickles. This barley is then brought to the Holy Temple to be used in the Omer offering.
Seives for Omer Offering - Once the barley is brought to the Temple Courtyard, priests beat, roast, grind, and sift the grain. A handful of the resulting flour is burned on the altar. The remainder is eaten by the priests.
Three Tier
3-Tiered Abuv - The Abuv is a three-tiered stand. The top level holds a perforated copper pan, and below it is a receptacle for hot coals. It is used for roasting the newly harvested barley of the Omer offering, performed on Passover.
Hatavat Menorah
Hatavat Menorah Cleansing Vessel - The daily service of the Temple includes the cleaning of the seven oil cups of the Menorah, using the vessel pictured above, (in Hebrew, Hatavah). The vessel includes tongs and a brush.
Oil Pitcher
Oil Pitcher - The oil pitcher is used to replenish the oil for the menorah. The design pictured above is based on an ancient coin from the Second temple period. This pitcher contains 3.5 lug, (2 liters) of oil.
Menorah Oil
Menorah Oil Flask - The small golden flask is used to pour olive oil into the menorah. The priest pours oil into this flask from the larger pitcher, which contains enough oil necessary for all seven lamps. This smaller flask is then used to replenish the oil of each individual lamp.  
Rankincense Censor
Frankincense Censor - Once a week, on the Sabbath, the twelve loaves of the showbread are removed by the priests, and replaced with new loaves. At the same time, the two portions of frankincense are also replaced. The two portions of frankincense are carried inside the gold Frankincense Censer. Still inside the censer, they are placed on the table of the showbread.
Incense Chalice
Incense Chalice - The incense chalice, which holds "half a portion" (approx. 200 grams), of the incense offering ingredients. The chalice is carried into the Sanctuary of the Temple, where the golden incense altar stands. Upon entering the Sanctuary the priest sounds the small ring-shaped bell seen on the top of the chalice cover.

Incense Shovel

Incense Shovel - This shovel is used to remove burning coals from the outer altar. The priest then carries the coals on this shovel into the sanctuary, where the coals are used on the golden incense altar.  
Menorah - The menorah, made from a single piece of solid gold, stands in the southern side of the Sanctuary. Each morning a priest prepares and rekindles the wicks. The central wick, known as "the western candle" is required to burn perpetually. The oil and wicks of this candle are changed in such a fashion as to insure that it will never be extinguished.  
Showbread Table
Showbread Table - in the northern side of the Sanctuary stands the table of the Showbread. The table is made of wood, overlaid with gold. Upon it are placed the twelve loaves of showbread. Each Sabbath, the loaves are simultaneously removed and replaced by fresh loaves, so as to insure that these loaves remain "perpetually" on the table. Miraculously, the week old loaves being replaced also retain their heat and freshness. These loaves are distributed among the priests.
Incense Altar
Incense Altar - Centrally located in the Sanctuary, between the menorah to the south, and the table of the showbread to the north, stands the incense altar, directly in front of the Holy of Holies, to the west. The incense altar, made of wood covered with gold, is employed in what is considered to be the most beloved aspect of the Temple service in G-d's eye: the incense offering. In order to allow for every priest to perform this most prized of offerings, a daily lot is drawn. Only those priests who have never offered incense upon the altar are allowed to participate.
arc with sphere
Ark of The Covenant - This is one implement/vessel that no one really knows what it looked like because of its secrecy. Even when carried before the Israelites during moves or battles, it was covered by a special cloth and no one could see it. When Christ returns we'll see exactly what the "wings of angels" really look like!
Priestly Garment
Ephod or Breastplate
Ephod or Breastplate - This was a special and mysterious part of the priestly garment with significant powers. The twelve semi-precious stones in the breastplate represent the twelve tribes of Israel.
Tzitz Crown
Tzitz or Crown - One of the four "golden garments" of the high priest is the crown, fashioned from one single piece of pure gold. The crown is worn across the forehead, extending from ear to ear, (as pictured in the inset above). It is held in place by a string dyed in the same blue color as used in all the high priest's garments. The crown bears the inscription: "Holy to G-d," and is worn by the high priest at all times, while he is officiating in the Temple.  
Silver Trumpets
Silver Trumpets - In the Holy Temple, silver trumpets are used during the Divine service, as well as for announcing the arrival of the Shabbat, the New Moon, the three Festivals, and for other various occasions.

Gold Shofar

Gold Shofar - The gold-plated shofar, (ram's horn), is blown in the Holy Temple on Rosh Hashana.
Silver Shofar
Silver Shofar - The silver-plated shofar, (ram's horn), is blown in the Holy Temple on fast days. 
David's Harp or Nevel
David's Harp or Nevel - The harp, or nevel, is a prominent instrument used by the Levites in their orchestral accompaniment to the Divine service. 
Lyre - The lyre, or kinnor, like the harp, is frequently mentioned in the book of Psalms, as being a feature of the Levitical orchestra which performs in the Inner Courtyard of the Holy Temple. 
Tetrahedron - The equilateral triangle represents the triune Godhead of Christianity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You could say, "Three aspects (facets) but one essence."
The Star of David
Star Tetrahedrons
Crop Circle tetrahedron
Pope's mitre
The Pope's Mitre

Flower of Life

Single Sphere
The first step in forming the Seed of Life (or Flower of Life) is to begin with a circle (as in a 2D model) or a sphere.

Vesica Piscis
The Vesica Piscis is formed from two intersecting circles of the same diameter, where the center of each circle is on the circumference of the opposite circle.

Third Day of Creation
7 = Completion
"And on the seventh
day God rested.

globe USA
Image 1: Jesus in the Fields
Crop Circle shape that appeared in Wickham Green (North of the M4) July 30, 2010.
Image 2: Jesus in the Fields
Crop Circle shape that appeared in Wickham Green (South of M4) July 30, 2010.
2. Next, I turned it roughly 90 degrees so that the parallel lines through the design were vertical, not angled
4. Next, I made a second copy and gave it a gray color to represent shading. Then I combined the two -- with the second placed slightly offset. It was now taking shape as a distinctly bearded male face with thinning hair.

5. To further "humanize" it, I gave it a softening "box blur". Now that's a face I recognize, but from where? After going through my files I discovered the following:

shroud image
6. The Shroud of Turin is said to be the burial cloth of Christ. Above, is the impression of Christ's face from the object. The monastary housing the priceless relic in Turin, Italy has kept it through the centuries and through one major fire that nearly destroyed it. I wondered how that image would line up with our crop circle image.
7. Here, I overlaid the Shroud of Turin image just to see if it would line up. Amazingly, the shroud image matches exactly to the crop circle image
8. What's even more amazing is the circles at the top that I thought showed a balding man's pate were actually defining the puncture wounds in the Savior's hairline
10. . The shroud exhibits the blood running down Christ's forehead from the "crown of thorns." Note that they run down and to the sides of the head indicating seepage after Christ's body was layed flat on his back.
Jesus face
Absolutely clever beyond conventional human cunning. You be the judge.

Club of Rome logo
Policy arm of the U.N.
un global compact

The Five
Platonic Solids
– aka –
Sacred Geometry


European Union
U.N. Badge
United Nations
Human Rights
IAEA logo
International Atomic
Energy Agency

flying lion
flying leopard
beast with 10 horns

Revelation's Scarlet Beast


The Kings of
Daniel's Captivity

Darius III

defeated by
the Greeks

alexander the great




Babylon Head of Gold



flying lion
flying leopard
beast with 10 horns

secret societies nameplate
skull and bones
Skull and Bones
3 times 22 = 666
Freemason's Society
all-seeing eye
All-seeing eye
of the Illuminati
novus ordo seclorum
"Favor Our Undertakings"
novus ordo seclorum
"A New World Order"
Freemason's on currency
Freemason's Symbol
on Our Currency
Hindu's Third Eye
Egyptian Third Eye
Egyptian Third Eye
John Hancock signature
starbucks logo


Starbucks's earliest logo featuring an odd two-tailed seductress called a siren comes from Greek mythology where she was also a symbol of war.  
starbucks logo 180

Only ONE stands
above the rest
major religeons
Major Religions of the World
Atheist symbol

Symbol for Secular
includes the
letter A for atheist

Symbol for Atheism
anarchist head
Anarchist symbol
freemason symbol
The Freemason Society Freemasonry highly values
its historical connection
to the Knights Templar
and Jesuit Catholics
trust yourself
Believe in Yourself

American Eagle button
The U.S. Dollar
is a "promissory note"
and is only backed by the
good faith of its government
World Currency

Currencies are controlled
by various governments'
Central Banks
$100 bills

The U.S. Dollar
is currently the world's
Reserve Currency
China's Rinumri

China is pressing the IMF
to make its Renminbi
a reserve currency

BRICS logo3
BRICS flag buttons
• Brazil • Russia • India
• China • South Africa
BR logo
Belt & Road Initiative
Belt & Road puzzle
Joining China to
European Markets
BRICS Youth Movement -  logo
SRCIC logo
Silk Road Chamber
of International Commerce
A 75 member Sino-Asian organization dedicated to empowering its members to become the world's leading economic power
OECD logo
Organization for Economic
Cooperation & Development
globe 1

United Religions Initiative
Pope's communist ties
UR - Uniting all the world's
religions under one banner
headed by the Pope
world env. day logo
united federation
Universal Peace Federation
Zen Swastika
Buddhist Symbol
Isis with ankh
Goddesses Isis
and/or Ishtar
World Interfaith Harmony Association
World Interfaith
Harmony Association
- a United Nations Group

Pop culture is
drawn to the dark side
Eye of the beast
Pilot take selfie
Classic Lucifer
Ram of Xerxis
  Ram Riders from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies - A Peter Jackson film of spectacular CGI effects which uses many images imagined from Bible visions of the prophets.  
Seal of the President of the United States
Seal of the President
of the United States
DOD logo
U.S. Military
The most fearsome
military the world
has ever known
US Strategic Command - insignia
Space Command  logo
Space Command
those in charge of America's
first line of defense
ARMY insignia
US Navy emblem
US Air Force emblem
US Marine Corp emblem
USCOM emblem
Marine Special Forces emblem



NATO button
North Atlantic
Treaty Organization
International Security
Assistance Force
NATO logo
NCI Agency logo
NATO Communications
& Information Agency

Evidences of
"Alien" visitations
since the dawn
of time?

The following relics have been collected from all over the world and have an eerie resemblance to modern extraterrestrial sightings. You be the judge:


God's Building
Blocks of
The Universe:

Star Tetrahedron
Double Tetrahedron
Double Tetrahedron
simple tetrhedron spheres
Seven: The number
of completion
Seal of Solomon
The Seal of Solomon
Flag of Israel
Flag of Israel

navigation end image
Mystery Babylon

There are many mysteries in the Bible, but perhaps the most perplexing is the lack of mention of the United States. We Americans live in the most powerful and significant nation the world has ever known. Why would Scripture be so remiss in failing to mention this great world superpower? I would submit that it was not God's error, but our own in failing to see what was right in front of us. In the following section I will attempt to convince you that the place God called "Mystery Babylon" is actually the United States of America, and much is revealed about her, primarily that she would exist in the Last Days just before Christ's return. How can I make this "absurd" claim? One merely need to investigate the evidence. The following data examines the Scriptures and relevant data that identifies who the mysterious woman is "riding on a scarlet beast." She is clothed in the colors of royalty: red and purple, and holds enormous influence over the entire planet. But this royal nation will come to a sudden and untimely end, so it would behoove you to take notice as I examine these passages.

Mystery Babylon is also the nation/state/city where the Antichrist will gain his power. Many believe that the identity of the Antichrist won't be known until the church has been raptured (taken out of the way). The signs may become stronger, but the actual man will not be revealed. As a matter of general knowledge, I hold to that view. However, those who stay abreast of world events while studying their Bibles may be able to extrapolate the most likely candidate, as do I – which I've explored near the end of this dissertation – without naming names.

There are four possibilities for the identity of Mystery Babylon which prophecy teachers have examined. They include (1) Rome and the Vatican ruled by the Pope, (2) Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the outside influence of Iranian Shia leadership which is waiting for the 12th Imam to arrive according to Islamic “mythology.” (3) Iraq and its ancient city of Babylon. And finally, a fourth possibility who's case seems to be growing stronger every day – and I believe has been affirmed – is (4) The United States of America and its POTUS.

Many have concluded that Mystery Babylon is Rome, Italy where the Pope resides in Vatican City. That's usually accompanied by conjecture that the Pope is the Antichrist. We'll have more to say about this in a few moments as you read on.

Although it's an interesting thought that the Antichrist could also be the 12th Imam, or Mahdi "...
the awaited son of Sayyida Fatima (the daughter of Mohammed) who will bring back a caliphate of justice and peace to the earth at the end of times," according to the Shiite sect of Islam, it's not an easy task to tie him to Mystery Babylon, in the Western sense. The city of Mecca is the holiest site in Islam, so there is some room for discussion for the Mahdi being the Antichrist, especially if he were to set up his Caliphate from Mecca. But Saudi Arabia (Midian, in Scripture) will never become the key monitary influence in the world and certainly hasn't any deep-water sea ports for worldwide trade, as would be required of Mystery Babylon, nor has it sufficient "…fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep…" to trade with the rest of the world in any significant numbers (Revelation 18:11-14). They may trade in human slavery (with ISIS or other extremist groups), as described in Revelation, but so did America only two generations ago. Human trafficking for prostitution is also very much a part of our deep underground society.

Others identify Mystery Babylon as the site of the original Babylon, which is in modern-day Iraq. Prior to the fall of Saddam Hussein, many thought he might be the Antichrist because he was vigorously rebuilding his nation and made claims that he would rule the world from his rebuilt Iraqi city of Babylon. He even claimed that he was the reincarnation of the Chaldean Emperor, Nebuchadnezzar II. He said it was his destiny to "…sack Jerusalem, destroy Israel, and kill and capture the Jews." He even put his and King Nebuchadnezzar’s images side-by-side on Iraq's currency. But the evidence of history has obviously caused the revision of many of these theories. One less orthodox interpretation, however, stands above all the others.
Let's take a look.
Content Navigation Table: 
Additional Pertinent Data, Charts and Illustrations:
Clues for Identifying "Mystery Babylon"*
Keys to identifying Mystery Babylon are found in the writings of 4 major prophets, both of the Old and New Testaments. They include, Daniel, Isaiah and Jeremiah in the Old Testament, and John the Apostle in the New Testament. It takes some study to decipher these revelatory Scriptures and put them into a coherent chronological order. And we must do so utilizing the most current information we have about nations, events, organizations and leaders. We'll be exploring these descriptions and events beginning with the Book of Revelation.

The Revelation of Jesus Christ was written by the apostle John, while incarcerated on the Island of Patmos by Rome, and was inspired by visions he received from Christ and His archangels. Starting mid-chapter he introduces a world power that's known as "Mystery Babylon, harlot to the world." We are told that the city (representative of a nation/world power), has a female identity and she has great power over the leaders of the world. She has done so by deceiving everyone and making them rich through sea-faring trade. This indicates several things. First, that it cannot be current-day Iraq, as many have speculated, nor can it be Rome, Italy (the "city on seven hills"), nor the Muslim city of Mecca, although they are connected to this nation in several ways. Let's deal with the female aspect of her identity, first.
  Mystery Babylon
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The Mystery City/State/Nation is Represented by a Female Entity
and Has Great Power Over the Entire Earth –
Rev. 17:1
And the woman which thou sawest is that great city, which reigneth over the kings of the earth.        Revelation 17:18  
We must first ask, "Why is this world power called a 'mystery?'" The disciple John was given a glimpse into the future and shown the mystery nation's main city, rather, a large figure which represented it. The figure was of a woman and he was told she was a whore for all the evils and devastation she had caused to the rest of the world in order to enrich herself. John could only call it a mystery, as it was something unknown to him. It may have been called Mystery Babylon due to the fact this city/state or nation had yet to come onto the world scene. Meaning…it was not a city/state or nation known to the world at that time, which automatically excludes current-day Babylon. Nowhere in the Bible is a city/state or nation, yet to be established, addressed by its future name (France, Germany, London, New York City, etc.). Those who contend that it is current-day Babylon in Iraq have simply ignored all the other data associated with this mysterious entity. Let's look at some of the evidence.
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Its National Symbol is Called a Harlot or Whore Rev 17:1,15
America’s main symbol is The Statue of Liberty...a female or feminine figure (this cannot be said of Iraq, nor of modern-day Rome). But is she a prostitute? Most Americans admire this symbol of freedom. However, what's not so broadly known is that the Statue of Liberty’s french sculptor, Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, used an idol image of the Roman goddess, Libertas, as his model for Lady Liberty. And Libertas was an adaptation of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. Interestingly enough, Ishtar was the goddess of fertility, war and sexual whoredom or prostitution. The Ancient Babylonians first worshipped the goddess Ishtar, and the Romans later adopted her, but changed her name to Libertas in Latin, Liberty in English. Bertholdi was commissioned by a noted member of the Illuminati, Edward Laboulaye, a French Freemason who proposed the idea of a giant statue replicating a goddess of illumination that the Masonic movement idolized. The Illuminati were drawn to the figure which provided symbolic illumination, ergo the torch Lady Liberty holds in her right hand.

NOTE: The Illuminati contend that they will achieve control over the world's economies by controlling the International Bankers in their effort to create a one world government. Who can disagree that they are well on their way?

*A current New York town named "Babylon"– interesting enough – fronts New York
  City’s main passage into its Harbor. All who enter the harbor must pass by Babylon.
  Thee Pagan Goddesses   Roman Goddess Libertus  
Someone once said, "Christianity started in the Middle East as a fellowship; it moved to Greece and became a philosophy; it moved to Italy and became an institution; it moved to Europe and became a culture; it came to America and became an enterprise, and when a fellowship changes into an enterprise, it becomes a prostitute."
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It's a Nation of Vast Wealth
...that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!      Revelation 18:16
American states' wealth
  World's largest cruise ship & yatch
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It's a Nation that "Sits on Many Waters"   Rev. 17:1
The figure that the apostle John saw was also sitting on water, just as does the Statue of Libery. Uniquely, the United States has a myriad of lakes and rivers and waterways, unlike Rome or Iraq. America's influence is worldwide and it has strategic bases in many parts of the globe on many waters, but so did the ancient Romans and Babylonians. But that's not the most unique thing about the revelation. What Scripture tells us is that the many waters where the mysterious harlot sits symbolize the many peoples and cultures that make up this mysterious power. It is analogous to the many races, cultures and languages found in America's various cities and states:
Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages.      Revelation 17:15
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It's a Land of Immigrants – Jeremiah 50:16; 51:13    Rev. 17:1, 15
America is often referred to as the "Mother of Exiles" and the "Melting Pot" ...just as the woman of Rev. 17: 1&15. It is also connected to immigrants, as was Ishtar, the "goddess of personal freedom and an encouragement to immigrants."
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It Has a Massive Population Revelation 17: 1,15; 18:15
In some ways, Jesus' world was startlingly different from ours. For one thing, it was a lot less crowded. At the time Revelation was written, the earth's entire population was just 300 million, smaller than the U.S., by itself, today.
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Is a Nation Divided by Many Rivers
... Go, swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth,
To a people feared far and wide, A powerful and oppressive nation whose land the rivers divide.      Isaiah 18:2
The mighty Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Rio Grande, Colorado & Columbia Rivers cut our nation into regions of access. Numerous others significantly add to the division of geographical USA. Not so of Iraq or Italy. Iraq has only two major rivers: the Tigris & Euphrates. Italy has 6 smaller rivers which do not really divide that nation. One, the Tiber, does go through Rome.
  U.S. Rivers Map
Some will ask at this point why we would reference Isaiah. Isaiah lived at a much earlier time and was referencing the Babylonians of his day. However, if you learn to study your Bible earnestly you’ll find the fifth law of interpretation is The Law of Double Reference.
The Law of Double Reference is the principle of associating similar or related ideas which are usually separated from one another by long periods of time, and which are blended into a single picture like the blending of pictures by an old-fashioned stereopticon. That’s a fancy way of saying, together they give you the complete meaning to God’s instructive Word.


As the distinguished theologian
Charles Ryrie has said,

“It is one message
  for two audiences
    separated in time.”

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click to return It's a Land of Agriculture – Jeremiah 50:16
Cut off the sower from Babylon and the one who wields the sickle at the time of harvest; from before the sword of the oppressor...  
                                                                           Jeremiah 50:16 
America is known as the "breadbasket" to the world because of her abundance of prime farmland and her unmatched productivity through superior technology, pesticides and genetically engineered crop advances.
...They will each turn back to his own people and they will each flee to his own land.             Jeremiah 50:16 (NASB)  
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It has Made the Merchants of the World Rich through Trade
Rev. 18:3    Ezekiel 38:12   
  Dubai's Canon Tower
  Dubai's Desert Palm Island housing
  Atlantis The Palm Hotel  UAE
Top:Dubai's Cayan Tower is featured in the center of The United Arab Emerates' luxurious skyline. American petro dollars has provided vast wealth to many nations of the Middle East. Middle: Dubai's Palm Jebel Ali Islands built on dredged sand from the Persian Gulf with homes $3 million and up. Bottom: Dubai's luxury hotel Atlantis at the Palms. The UAE government, financier for the opulence of Dubai, owes over $59 Billion in liabilities. Ranked as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Dubai is seen as a global city and the main business hub of the Middle East. Your petro dollars at work.
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It is the Key Commercial Nation and Engine of Wealth for the World’s Economies – Isaiah 47:15      Revelation 17:2  
Revelation 18: 3, 9, 11-13, 15, 16, 17-19, 22, 23, & 19:2

  NY Stock Exchange
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click to return Noted for its Elegant, Luxurious, Refined and Rich Lifestyles
Revelation 18:3, 14, 23       Isaiah 47: 7-8

  Trump's apartment
  Trump Tower entranc
  Osiano dining
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  New York City's Times Square
  Hong Kong
  Tokyo streets mimic the neon city of New York
  American fashion influences the world
green bullet Where the World’s Leaders “Stream” to Meet
Jeremiah 51:44    Rev. 17:18
New York City is the financial capital of the world. It's the city where the world's leaders come to discuss all facets of existence. All nations send embassadors to America's ruling classes and meet at its power centers and international facilities, including the headquarters of the United Nations. It's truly the financial center of the world. It's also the diamond capital of the world.
United Nations   UN General Assembly
  UN Security Council
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Last of the Superpowers
Rev 17:18,19      Revelation 18:18    Jeremiah 50:12
What city is like this ‘mega’ city? Revelation refers to a city, but also a kingdom of disparate peoples. It is the greatest kingdom that has ever existed with reach that is worldwide and influence like has never existed. The reach of Rome was once very significant, but does it have the remote possibility today of achieving such dominance? The answer is obvious. It hasn't the wherewithal to reach the status of superpower because it hasn't the geographical capacity to retain such worldwide trade. The same can be said of Iraq (the original Babylon). Only America fits this description.
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An International City – Revelation 17: 18, 18:15
Who can deny America is the most international nation on Earth? For example: I just saw Jennifer Aniston in a TV commercial for United Arab Emerates Airlines. Al Jazeera Media, the state-owned Qatar-based Arab TV network, now owns Al Gore's old failed cable network called Democracy Now!
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Nexus of Merchandising and Marketing – Revelation 18: 3, 23
  US logos
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Has No Fear of Invasion from Its Enemies – Revelation 18:7  Isaiah 47:8
Because it has an ocean on both sides, America has been relatively isolated from its enemies. Only recently has that changed so that we are now vulnerable from outside attack.
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It is the Principal Commodities Trading CenterRevelation 18: 11-13
There is more Gold traded in New York City on the COMEX in one day than in all the rest of the world combined! The same is true for Silver and Copper and Crude Oil. In fact, the volume of trade is so heavy that in one day, alone, there is more gold traded than had been traded in all of human history up until 1974 when gold trading was allowed on a futures contractual basis.
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A Leading Center of Imports and Consumption – Revelation 18: 11, 17-19
Although the United States makes up only 4.5 percent of the world's population, it consumes nearly 20 percent of its natural resources. Oil is the chief fuel of the engine of prosperity and Americans consume 24% of the world's energy, including oil. We also produce half of the world's solid waste. Only China consumes more natural resources, but they constitute 20 percent of the world's population (1.35 BILLION people).
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The Chief City of Mystery Babylon is a Deep Water Port City
Revelation 18: 17-19
Ancient Babylon had no deep water seaport. Modern Iraq has only one, located in the city of Umm Qasr. But it could never accommodate the world’s major commerce, as would be required, so it cannot possibly be the city/nation described in Revelation 18: 17-19. Iraq also doesn’t have the land mass to accommodate such massive trade and consumption as described, nor does the land-locked Rome, Italy (the city on seven hills). But New York does. And America has many deep-water sea ports, over 150 in fact.
  Seattle's terminal 46
click to return The Revived Babylonian Empire Will at First Embrace the Lord's People, the Jews, and Give Them Refuge – Isaiah 49:1, 5, 6, 8, 22, 23
America has had open arms for Jewish refugees from around the world. Especially survivors of the holocaust. Her blessing of Israel has meant a blessing to America. But when she turned from her initial ways, after nearly 200 years, and became greedy and selfish, then things began to change. The anti-semitic sentiments in America have become almost palatable. God will no longer bless a nation that has turned against His people. The Obama administration has steadily abandoned our at one-time allies in favor of treaties and trade with her enemies such as Iran and Libya. America's allies no longer trust her to keep her promises, as the abandonment of Iraq has attested. I never favored going into Iraq in the first place. I remember the lessons of history when America abandoned Viet Nam and left it to the mass slaughter of our newly made friends. I knew that, with our political system, sooner or later there would come along a new POTUS who would do to the decent Iraqis exactly what was done to the good people of South Viet Nam. Left them to their certain deaths and created more instability than they first encountered when arriving. Ergo, the rise of ISIS and al-Qaeda who have driven all the Christian Iraqis from the region and brutalized all in their paths.
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The Jewish Population Issue: Jews Warned to Leave Babylon
Jeremiah 50:8, 25;  51: 6, 45     Isaiah 48:20    Revelation 18:4   Zechariah 2:7
You won't find any Jews living openly in current Iraq and very few in Rome, so those nations can't be the Mystery Babylon, as many have surmised. But who does have a large population of practicing Jews? Today, the largest population of Jewish people is found in the United States. The next two largest concentrations of Jews combined, in Israel and Russia, do not equal the American Jewish numbers.
4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.  Revelation 18:4 (KJV)
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The time will come when the Jews in America will be warned to leave her shores. In fact, there has been a steady stream of immigrant Jews back to their homeland in recent years. Israel has become a beacon of hope in the Middle East. They can now boast becoming an IT (information technology) center of the world. Their development of the barren desert is nothing short of miraculous. Just do a Google Earth flyover of Israel to see the development of that nation. It stands in stark contrast to the vast desert wastelands of their surrounding neighbors.

Recent discoveries of expansive supplies of oil in the upper Golan Heights and natural gas in the Levant Basin has changed the dynamic in the region, as well. The newly discovered oil fields are comparable to those found in Saudi Arabia. It explains why Russia has taken such a keen interest in Syria. The Syrians claim to own the Golan Heights, which they lost in the Six Day War with Irael in 1967. We are warned, in Ezekiel 38, that a leader of the nation known as Maygog will invade Israel "to take a spoil" in the Latter Days. Maygog, many Bible scholars agree, is the land of Russia. Russia has lost great influence in the last several years due to the low cost of oil...their main trading resource.

golan map   golan oil map
Map where vast oil supplies have been found. Although the supply is equal to that of Saudi Arabia, the difficulty lies in the fact that the oil is under solid rock which is ten times thicker than normal bedrock. Many, myself included, are speculating that this is the "spoil" (spoils of war) that the Bible tells us is the impetus for the leader of Russia (Gog) to order the invasion of Israel. See Ezekiel chpt. 38 Once the Golan is secured, it's only a short hop to Jerusalem through the Valley of Megiddo.
This discovery worth hundreds of billions of dollars is the reason that Russia has taken an interest in Syria lately and in keeping their ally, president Assad, in power. International treaties recognize Syria as the rightful owner of the Golan Heights. I've been there and it is a deadlocked war zone that is administered by the U.N. at the moment. My bets are on Putin invading soon.
Due, primarily, to the low cost of crude oil, Russians have suffered a dramatically reduced lifestyle in recent years. Since 2012 the ruble has lost half of its value and Vladimir Putin has shown deep aggressive tendancies (the military seizure and annexation of Crimea, threats against Ukraine, and sending troops into Syria over America's objection) in an effort to help restore the lost empire of the Soviet Union. He thinks it is his destiny to restore Russia to its glory days when the world feared his nation. Owning a great resource the size of the Golan oil fields would give him great leverage to control the cost of energy around the globe. Would he be willing to risk war with the United States in order to secure such a prize? The answer is obvious. He has demonstrated absolutely no fear of an America which chooses to "lead from behind." Whether Donald Trump can turn that around without causing a renewed Cold War (or worse) is another question.
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Known as the World’s “Policeman” – Jeremiah 50:23
23 How the hammer of the whole earth has been cut off and broken! How Babylon has become an object of horror among the nations!            Jeremiah 50:23 King James Version (KJV)
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Babylon is a Nation Weighed Down by Its Own Government
Isaiah 47:13

  "Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels..."
Americans spend over one-third of their year just working to pay their federal taxes. Over 50 percent of every dollar spent in America goes toward government taxation in one form or another. That doesn't even include the costs of government regulations. The federal government has produced massive regulations on business, to the point that some say we'll never recover. For the first time in our history, 2015 was a year that there were more businesses that closed than new ones created to replace them. And regulations are destroying our economy. The number of pages produced just by the Obama administration, alone, is staggering. Some estimate over 450 thousand pages of new regulations have been written, over 81,000 just in 2015. New executive orders (rules and regulations) have cost businesses and the public over $22 billion a year at this point. Others estimate it's as high as $108 billion annually, quoting the government's own numbers. The weight of the government is exemplified by the EPA's guidelines, which are now 43 times as long as the Bible. That's with only one agency. Government spends our dollars like a drunken sailor. Just look at the national debt clock below. Nineteen TRILLION and climbing as of 2016:
  National Debt Clock
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It's a New (virgin) Nation Who is the Daughter of Another
Country With a Royal Family –
Isaiah 41:1    Isaiah 47:5,7
Go down, sit in the dust, virgin daughter Babylon; sit on the ground without a throne, queen city of the Babylonians.      
                                                                                 Isaiah 47:1 
England is known by Americans as "Mother England" because we were birthed by her offspring. Our capitol, in fact, is in New England. But we never had a Royal throne like our English mother. The Bible mentions the "young lions of Tarshish" in Ezekiel 38:11-13 and some scholars claim that Tarshish is a reference to England and that her young lions are the Americas. "Those who dwell safely in the isles," is another passage attributed to the USA and a reference to her foolish carelessness in defending herself.
king George III   Qeen of England with 2 korgies
Qeen with Royal guards   flags of europ

America is England's "virgin daughter" in many ways. She started as an innocent bastion of freedom and deeply held individualism, but has steadily declined in the last twenty years so that she has become very jaded. Our children no longer learn from history, because they are not taught proper history from the leftist-controlled NEA, and have now embraced such failed political systems as socialism and communism, as evidenced by their support of Bernie Sanders for president in 2016. Many of our youth seem to think they are owed a free lunch! Good, old-fashioned hard work is too often overlooked while social rewards are unfairly demanded of those who have profited from capitalistic democracy.

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Known as a Queen Among Nations – Isaiah 41:1     Isaiah 47:5
Sit in silence, go into darkness, queen city of the Babylonians; no more will you be called queen of kingdoms.
                                                                                 Isaiah 47:5 (NIV)

Note: Mystery Babylon is called "the queen of kingdoms" (plural) possibly inferring multiple kingdoms, or states.
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Unique and Awe-inspiring from its Birth, Right Up to Its Demise

Isaiah 18: 1-2
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A Remarkably Different Heritage: "Tall & Smooth" – Isaiah 18: 2
Multiple generational Americans are progressively taller than previous generations, particularly those of European and African descent. US Citizens tend to be much larger than most other nations across the globe; the benefits of good nutrition and gentler lifestyles. Most Americans are now involved in the services industries because of advances in technologies which require much less labor-intensive sectors in our work force. An incredible number of people now are tied to their computers for their livelihoods. So we are not only taller and "smoother" (less callused) but, unfortunately, much more overweight and less healthy. The term smooth may also be referring to a people that are clean shaven, which has been true since the invention of safety razors.
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A Powerful and Oppressive People – Isaiah 18: 2
Not much needs to be said here. America is the only remaining "Superpower" in the world, although China is on course to challenge us in the not-too-distant future. As progeny of British Colonialists, America has always been of an oppressive mindset. Other nations we've had the displeasure of mixing it up with have learned that the US and its overpowering military have led to some pretty resounding defeats of its enemies.
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Mystery Babylon Has the Strongest Military in the Entire World
Jeremiah 50:23 
It's known as the "hammer" to the whole world. America has the most powerful military the world has ever known. Because of the wealth that we've been blessed with, our armed forces have gone mostly unchallenged. "Peace through strength" was the mantra we've grown used to since WW II. However, recent draconian cuts in our military leave us in a very vulnerable position. Even though the US spends nearly half of all global military expenditures annually, the US and the world have still made dramatic changes in the last 25 years in arms reductions, as the bottom chart illustrates.
military spending
Presently (in 2016) France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and EUCOM together have a smaller number of regular combat battalions than West Germany, alone, in 1990 according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (chart below). The question we have to ask is, "Does that make us safer, or more vulnerable to an all-out war among Eastern and Western forces?" Diminished traditional ground forces may lead to nuclear war as the only option for one who is intent on world domination. This is exactly what the Bible has described with the demise of Mystery Babylon, as we shall see.
  dramatic decline in defense expenditures in the West
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Her Defenses Reach Up to Outer Space – Jeremiah 51:9, 53

9 Forsake her and let us each go to his own country, For her judgment has reached to heaven and towers up to the very skies.
53 "Even if Babylon ascends to the heavens and fortifies her lofty stronghold, I will send destroyers against her,” declares the Lord.
                                                                              Jeremiah 51:9,53 (NIV)


Medialab GEOC   C2BMC_Control_Room
GOCE -- Artist's concept of the GOCE satellite in orbit. Credit: ESA/AOES Medialab Designed with an aerodynamic shape for its unusually low operating orbit, the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Explorer, or GOCE. An example of America's overwhelming commitment to space defense.
C2BMC Control Room -- Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the Missile Defense Agency’s Integration and Operations Center supports research and development, system-level tests and evaluation, as well as operational and training support to U.S. combatant commands. For more
USAF Space Fence war room
USAF Space Fence Operations Center -- The Space Fence is said to be capable of tracking about 200,000 objects and make 1.5 million observations per day, about 10 times the number made by previous radars such as the AFSSS. Air Force leaders have estimated that the actual number of objects orbiting Earth is closer to 500,000. Credit: Lockheed Martin
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It is Also a Vile, Vulgar Nation Full of Sin & Has Caused Others to
Follow Suit –
Rev. 17:2  
Who can argue this point? As an example: San Francisco celebrates the annual Folsom Street Fair, the world’s largest assembly of sexual fetishists, deviants of all stripes and their admirers. Between 350,000 and 400,000 gay and straight leather and other fetishists meet to celebrate sexual deviance. America is responsible for producing over 89 percent of the world's pornography. "As big of a headache as freely distributed content is for the music and movie businesses, it’s even worse for adult entertainment because Web surfers have no compunction about getting the stuff without paying for it. The traditional-sector profiteers are hurting, too, thanks to the Internet, smartphones and iPads—and with people bringing in their own porn, hotel chains are pulling x-rated movies from their in-room entertainment options," wrote one industry observer. The most profit on porn, however, is made in China, South Korea and Japan with the highest per-capita expenditures. We live in a wicked and violent society. And American influence via the Internet and motion pictures has spread loose morality across the globe. I think it's about summed up in a destop wallpaper I saw recently:
American motto
Here are some revealing statistics:

#1) 89 percent of all pornography is created in the United States. 

#2) One survey found that 25 percent of American employees with Internet access visit pornography websites while they are at work

#3) Pornography is big business. $89 dollars is spent on pornography every single second of every single day in the United States.

#4) In fact, porn industry revenue is larger than all of the revenues for all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined. 

#5 ) A Focus on the Family survey found that 47% percent of American families said that pornography is a problem in their home. That is not just a minor problem – that is a national epidemic. Even pastors (54%) admit having viewed porn in the prior year. We all remember the disgraceful fall of Jimmy Swaggart.

#6) More than 70% of men in the United States between the ages of 18 and 34 visit at least one pornographic website in a typical month.  

#7) Researchers conducting a major study at the University of Montreal recently launched a search for men who had never looked at pornography – but could not find a single one.

#8) Law enforcement officials estimate that about 600,000 Americans and 65,000 Canadians are trading dirty child pictures online. They also say that the profits from creating and trading these images is approximately two to three billion dollars every single year.

#9) Young men in the United States are so addicted to sex and are so incredibly irresponsible that they are getting record numbers of young teen girls pregnant. In fact, it was recently reported that 115 girls at one high school in Chicago either already have a baby or were pregnant. 

#10) One out of every four teen girls in the United States now has an STD, and more than 25 percent of the residents of New York City now have herpes. Our moral sickness is spreading physical sickness and is placing a tremendous strain on our health care system.

#11) Last year, MySpace representatives and law enforcement officials worked in conjunction and were finally able to announce that approximately 90,000 sex offenders had been identified and removed from MySpace. 

#12) Authorities estimate that there are well over 60 million survivors of childhood sexual abuse in the United States today. 

#13) Today, there are over 750,000 registered sex offenders living in the United States, including nearly 400,000 involving crimes against children 

#14) Authorities also estimate that about 95% of all teenage prostitutes were sexually abused as children. 

#15) According to researchers, convicted rapists in the United States report that two-thirds of their victims were under 18 and 58% of those said their victims were 12 or younger.

#16) According to one major study, one out of every four married men in the United States confesses to having at least one extramarital affair.That's just those who will admit it.

  Vile nation
Amersterdam   China
China - LGBT protest. China recognizes neither same-sex marriage nor civil unions.
Taipei Gay Pride Parade   34
Japan - Tokyo's Rainbow Pride Parade 2016.
Paris, France
  Vienna, Austria
Qeen with Royal guards   flags of europ
  Gay resort
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Isa. 18:2   •   Rev. 17:16

The beast and the ten horns you saw will hate the prostitute. They will bring her to ruin and leave her naked...    
                                                                  Revelation 17:16 (KJV)
I won't go into detail here, but the Antichrist is called the "Beast" after Satan indwells him (Rev. 17:8). Antichrist will be wounded in the right side and die, but will come back to life with the aid of the False (religious) Prophet (the Pope) and is described as "the beast that was, and is not, and yet is," implying that he was alive, died, then was brought back to life. (Revelation 17:8) But he leaves his home nation (Mystery Babylon) to join a 10-member group of nations (ten horns) some time later, and makes plans with this alliance to destroy his former home. I am convinced that means he will leave the United States to become the Secretary General (or King) of the United Nations. There simply is no other organization today with the reach and influence of the United Nations. It is the only truly worldwide power in existence. But it has yet to flex its muscles, because the Church is holding it back (II Thessalonians 2:3-10). Christians in America are fighting hard to keep their sovereignty and avoid the destructive push to acquiesce to the U.N. in forcing international laws on all Americans which will supercede US jurisprudence. Resistence to the farce of a "U.N. carbon tax" on all Americans is one such example. There are others. Look for that to change very soon. To confirm