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Heaven's Levels

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Zion's actual earthly land mass coverage area:
New Jerusalem's land coverage area

This is one giant space station. The city will descend out of heaven and position itself "above the hills of Jerusalem." Its size can be hard to envision. Zion's footprint will encompass over 40 nations and parts of nations. Citizens of the earthly geography below won't have to worry about rain, storms and heat waves because they will be under the protective covering of God's magnificent superstructure. If one on the earth were to gaze up at the city above, covered in clouds, it would stretch from one horizon to the other and appear to be endless.

If you mulitiply the area shown by a factor of twelve, you get an incredibly giant module for habitation. Looks like the future inhabitants of Egypt and Saudi Arabia will be in a particularly good position to invest in land for future development because once arid deserts would likely begin to bloom when God sends rain from His personal clouds. Millions will still live on the earth after Christ's return, so generations will grow up with Zion as part of their accepted culture. Kings and notable representatives will journey to the "city in the sky" to pay homage to its fortunate inhabitants. And, of course, Jesus will rule over all in the most glorious, true theocracy ever imagined. No more wars, poverty or starvation. Can't wait!