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UFO Reports Escalate in 2012January 25, 2012 FOX News Report
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The following relics have been collected from all over the world and have an eerie resemblance to modern extraterrestrial sightings. You be the judge:
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"Best of " UFO Reports & Some More Current Sightings

Editor's Comments


2012 turned out to be quite a year, in spite of all the hype about the Mayan Calendar and the end of the world. The year was inundated with UFO reports from all over the planet, in every country and, seemingly, in every town in those countries. Combine that with "Sky Trumpets" being heard around the globe and you have to sit up and take notice. Something is happening and we had better pay close attention.

Below are some very interesting UFO sightings reports we've gleaned from the voluminous You Tube archives. There is such an effort to debunk the real sightings and belittle anyone who has really experienced an event, that it's hard to distinguish between the real and the contrived. Whether the deluge of bunk is purposeful misinformation, or the poor judgement of small people who think it's all a joke, is hard to discern. One thing for certain, they won't be laughing or misleading for very long. Our Messiah is lining up His gleeners and will soon give the marching orders. Hang in there. The trumpets are sounding!



UFO Reports & The Best of Recent UFO Sightings


Lafayette, Colorado sighting
ABC News - Feb. 2012
News Reports from around globe
Compilation of impressive UFO videos -  not too crazy about the loud melodramatic music score. Doesn't fit reality.

UFO Reports from Around USA
Compilation from 2005 to 2011

NASA UFO Sightings
Amazing actual footage taken from the space program's own databases. Astronauts, cosmonauts and mission control personnel all have validated the phenomenon. What they are viewing is given to conjecture because noboy really has a secular explanation.
Larry King Live
January 19, 2008
(part 2)  Covers MUFON, the Texas Stephenville sighting, the Phoenix lights in 1997, and more. Special guests were MUFON investigator Ken Cherry, Stanton Friedman, James Fox, Texas Stephanville witnesses, and Phoenix Lights witnesses.

The famous "Phoenix Lights" sighting
March 13, 1997 (French television report)
I was there in Scotsdale that fateful night with my brother and our friends. We just happened to watch the "alien trilogy" of Alien Autopsy, X-files and one other I can't recall.

UFO Fleets / UFO Flotillas / UFO Armadas / UFO Waves (They're all the same)


New York City • USA
December 9, 2010
Massive armada of UFOs flying in an irregular patterns and groupings. Visible for several minutes. This is a good one. Reminiscent of numerous Mexican sightings over major population cneters.
An STS-75 clip
(Space Shuttle Columbia)
Launched February 22, 1996
from the Martyn Stubbs NASA Archives. This was the same Mission as the Tether Incident

Houston, Texas - night
August. 11, 2014

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  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • USA
December 27, 2014
Flotillas of UFOs over US, South Korean, Mexican and Russian cities. Thousands below watch in awe.

  UFO Fleet Nighttime • Austria
June 8, 2012
  Downtown London, England
June 25, 2011
I counted 16 & a huge disc. Newspaper account linked below claimed only 3.

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Beware! Not everything you see on YouTube is authentic
    In the interest of fairness and truth, I wanted to include some cases that have been proven false, even though most observers were convinced they were extraterrestrial. This video features several MUFON investigators who take their work very seriously. Kudos.

As with all these kinds of mysteries, most can be explained as natural phenomena, or mistaken identity, or outright fraud for profit, as with the case of Jaime Maussan who has built a career out of the UFO phenomenon in Mexico. Shame on the charlatans!

ake no mistake, there are concerted efforts to debunk the UFO phenomenon and belittle its witnesses. Not only from world governments, but also from an ignorant public. There are many who believe there is a campaign of disinformation in certain governmental agencies, but perhaps more destructive is the "Tom Foolery" of small minds with a little technical knowledge. People, this is no laughing matter.
The Phoenix Lights Award-winning Documentary

  This is the best documentary on a UFO sighting that I have ever seen. I am honored to promote this film for it's authors, in an effort to reach those who are still skeptical. This is a special case for me. It just so happens that I was there that night in the city of Scottsdale when these lights passed over. In fact, I was coming home from a dinner party that was arranged to watch the "UFO Trilogy", which just happened to air that very night (shows included The X-files, the Alien Autopsy film – a stupid fake, I might add – and one other television show who's name I can't remember). My brother, John, and I had just left our friend's home in north Scotsdale's foothills and were pulled over to the side of the road to have a serious discussion about UFOs and God and other things, as we enjoyed the sights of the city lights below. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a distant formation of 3 or 4 lights spread fairly far apart. They were in the general direction of the White Tanks / north mountain ranges. John and I had enjoyed several micro beers from our friends, Deb and Minders, at their new home christening, and were enjoying our time together before I'd be heading back to Washington. I wish now that I'd made more of what I saw, but to think there would be an appearance of a giant UFO formation that night was just too far-fetched, even for me, to fathom. Thank goodness that others did my job for me. The film above was financed and created by a pair of medical doctors who saw the phenomenon and reacted in a brave and noble way. Thank you, Doctors Lynne and Frank Kitei.  
Above, is one of the best UFO sightings ever captured on video. It shows a classic saucer-shaped craft maneuvering between, what appear to be, apartment buildings near downtown Mexico City. Taken in 1997, it remains one of the most convincing evidences ever recorded. Note the wobbly movement in slow flight mode like a "skipping rock", or "a boat in choppy waters," which are often-used descriptions of low-flying UFOs..

A Pictorial Archive of UFO Sightings

If you want to see a seemingly endless, and highly organized supply of current and historic UFO photos I recommend this site. It is updated and added to nearly daily. The Web Master does not make comments or inferences, she simply displays images she's collected and presents them in a super-easy and extensive slide show presentation. Take a look:



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