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Crop Circle shape that appeared in Wickham Green (South of M4)
July 30, 2010.
1. To start, I used a black outline of the circle patterns to see the shape more clearly and overlaid them into one.
2. Next, I turned it roughly 90 degrees so that the lines through it were vertical, not angled
3. Then I gave it a more natural tone and applied a "gauzian blur" effect to soften the edges.
4. Next, I made a second copy and gave it a gray color to represent shading and combined the two -- with the second placed slightly offset. It was now taking shape as a distinctly bearded male face with thinning hair.

5. To further "humanize" it, I gave it a softening "box blur". Now that's a face I recognize, but from where? After going through my files I discovered the following:

6. Here, I overlaid the Shroud of Turin image just to see if it would line up. Amazingly, the shroud image matches exactly to the crop circle image
7. What's even more amazing is the circles at the top that I thought showed a balding man's hairline were actually defining the puncture wounds in the Savior's hairline
8. The shroud exhibits the blood running down Christ's forehead from the "crown of thorns". Note that they run to the sides of the head indicating seepage after Christ's body was layed flat on his back.
9. Then I overlaid both with a third image allegedly painted from tracings of the shroud by an Armenian artist, Ariel  Agemian, in 1935.

polish cross
Photo: T .Filipczak
This quail's nest was found inside a crop formation in Slovenia. The circle makers were careful not to break even one egg. Note how the nest itself has been rearranged with stems and foliage going in the same direction.

For an inside look
at the dillusional world of counter- feit crop circle makers look here:


navigation end image



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Crop Circles: "Signs upon the Earth"

Crop Circles continue to baffle sincere researchers and their actuality extend beyond amateurish hoaxes or clever counterfeits. It's easy to dismiss the phenomenon as all just human-made, or worse, ignorantly credit demon spirits for some grand deception. Television specials feature hucksters who demonstrate limited circle-making skills. Some will be satisfied with their shaky claims. Others will find comfort in blaming Satan for the deception of alien authorship. But we cannot directly blame any for the foolishness of a few. Crop circle hoaxers are the ones doing the Devil's work by distorting their true revelation. Legitimate Crop Circles contain a message to mankind: a warning, if you will. It's not the message of the Eastern mystics whose followers claim the geometric patterns represent the seven chakras, or Buddha's Flower of Life, or any number of other misconceptions and misapplications.

Nor are legitimate Crop Circles pointing to the Mayan's false theology and predictions. Unfortunately, the hoaxers are purposely adding those images to the mix and creating confusion. Legitimate Crop Circles are pointing to a cataclysmic event that few will be prepared for, as we shall explain. This event was foretold of long before the Mayans (c. AD 250 to 900), or even Siddhārta Gautama - author of the Buddhist philosophy (563-483 B.C.). You'll need to go back to antediluvian times and beyond for the true message. It was written in the stars since the beginning of time when Yaweh spoke the universe into existence. Crop Circles' warnings portend the new mIllennium. For those who are secure in their knowledge and faith in Christ, and who don't mind having existing paradigms challenged, the following information should prove very interesting and, more importantly, faith affirming.

(Above left) Found in Woodborough Hill, England in 2001. The design is based on the Golden Mean spiral, a mathematical ratio referred to as "pi".  (Above Right) Swirled crops found in genuine crop circles in muti-directional layers are convincing evidence they are not done by human hands!

Among the numerous counterfeit crop circles reside a few legitimate impressions. These are the patterns that tell us something that few on earth want to hear. They are sounding a warning of a soon coming event that will shock the world. The deceptive coverup is already in place and when this event unfolds they will point to their false evidences as proof of their faulty conclusions. They will call it a "cleansing", an "enlightment", and will assign a false purpose for what they do not understand, nor accept. True Crop Circles are appearing around the planet by the thousands every summer. But they are being overpowered by false circlemakers. The counterfeiters, however, may fool most...even themselves...but they cannot take away from the majesty and wonder of a legitimate Crop Circle, which none can truly duplicate. It would take an entire team of dozens of workers, careful not to make one misstep, or leave any incriminating evidences like stake holes or entry/exit points, to replicate legitimate Crop Circles. And then they would need to have the skill and time to weave the bent, but not broken, crops into delicate patterns while somehow managing to make the centers of their designs aberrantly magnetic with traces of rare elements embedded in their soils. It violates all expectations of reason or reality. There are counterfeits, to be sure, but they are easily recognizable to a trained Crop Circle researcher.

It's easy to fool an eager press with claims of authorship by those who are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. But I have yet to see these charlatans actually demonstrate their skill in creating such gigantic, intricate designs in any convincing way. Simultaneous appearances of designs would require teams of such stealthy practitioners around the world. Logic would dictate this is inescapably not the case.

The mysterious Crop Circle is truly a phenomenon of this generation. They were rarely reported prior to the nineteen-eighties, but have become increasingly commonplace as well as more complex in design. Their message, as mysterious and diaphanous as it has been, is starting to come into focus. Those who deny facts, or focus on the bogus, are missing some wonderful revelations and, frankly, choose to live in ignorant bliss...for now. There is simply no way that Crop Circles, as intricate as many of those shown below, can appear overnight in fields around the world. Especially those that are now appearing in delicate crops such as tea fields in Indonesia, Japan and other places. The careful overlapping weave of rearranged leaves simply cannot be reproduced by human effort. To deny these facts is to avoid the truth. Perhaps the uncomfortable truth, but here is the data, nonetheless. You decide if you want to embrace their mysterious, yet wonderful, implications.

Just a few of the 10 to 15 thousand Crop Circle designs
pressed into the grain fields around the planet since around 1985
01 02 48 04
5 12 07 8
9 10 31 11
13 14 16 15
17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24
25 26 27 28
63 44 35 43
39 38 37 53
74 65 63 69
67 57 99 54-closeup
34 47 77 33
83 91 64 32
To the novice it's difficult to distinguish man-made from authentic crop circles. Some hoaxers have become quite accomplished in their visuals, but it's impossible to replicate legitimate circles' highly magnetic centers, the presence of rare trace minerals & compounds, and intricate weaves with stretched nodes & expulsion cavities in displaced crops. The precision of authentic crop circles can simply not be replicated.
  M4 faces  
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Detailed Weaves in Crop Circles' foliage

























9   10








13   12








11   14
16   17








Crop circle foliage patterns – legitimate circles I should say – have incredibly intricate weaves in their plant's leaves and stalks which have been bent or flattened to define a shape or edge. It's easy, but intellectually dishonest, to label the crop circle phenomenon as anything other than mysterious, awesome and legitimate. Hopefully we have taken the mystery out of the equation and you are left with awesome, wonderful and, yes, heavenly!  


expulsion cavities   normal nodes   stretched wheat node
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Why Crop "Circles"?

So why crop circles? Why not crop squares? Or crop pyramids? How about crop doodles? What is the significance of a perfect circle? Simple circles in the beginning, and then more and more elaborate circle formations. Today there are intricate designs of all the platonic solids: Tetrahedrons, Hexahedrons, Octahedrons, Dodecahedrons, and Icosahedrons. All contained in a perfect circle, or arranged neatly so that a circle can be easily drawn around the exterior points of the designs. No oblongs. No Jellyfish (okay, one jellyfish...drawn by hoaxers). No meaningless doodles other than silly images of Elvis and such, which are obviously man-made. Some of these perfectly circular or square shapes (which usually have a circle circumscribed around them) are arranged in patterns approximating other things, nearly all representing" sacred" mathematical (geometric) shapes. So back to the question: why circles? What’s the message, if any?

The Star of David
– also –
Shield of Solomon
Israel's national flag
features the Star of David (tetrahedron)

I would contend that the answer is one that many will resist. The circle represents God: no beginning and no end. The star tetrahedron represents the trinity: three equal sides – equilateral triangle – and a second which overlaps the other. And each of the two tetrahedron (or three dimensional triangles) represents the two sides of everything. There is darkness and there is light. Good and evil. Matter and space. Circles in three dimension are called spheres, the most recurring shape in nature, Our sun is a sphere. All stars and planets are spheres. At the opposite scale, subatomic particles are spheres. In its simplest form, the tetrahedron requires six spheres (the number of man is 6) arranged around a central sphere (one is the number of God). In all, seven spheres make up the star tetrahedron: the building block of the universe. Seven is the number of completion. It took God six days to create the universe, and all that is contained therein, and then He rested.

The Incredible Numeric Symbol of Jesus in the Fields
On a Most Significant Date

Eight is the number of Jesus (also the number of “new beginnings”). So Christ represents a new beginning for mankind. Literally, the term being “born again” represents our new beginning, according to Jesus Christ. And on August eighth, 2008 a crop circle appeared in the field of Milk Hill in Wiltshire, England. The significance? It was in the shape of an eight, or more accurately, the mathematical shape of an “infinity” symbol. But, again, the design was done in a series of various-sized circles. And they appeared on 8-8-8! Three eights representing the trinity. Here’s the Hebrew Gematria formulation:

                    Jesus = IhsouV = 10+8+200+70+400+200 = 888

Gematria Raised Value

Gematria Value
888 x 10 = 8880
1480 x 6 = 8880
    John the Baptist  
2220 x 4 = 8880
    Son of Man  
2960 x 3 = 8880
    The raised Jesus  
8880 x 1 = 8880
    She bore a son and called his name ... 111 x 24 (888 x 3)
Matthew 1:25 eteken uion kai ekalesen onoma autou
    Out of thee shall come a governor ... 111 x 24 (888 x 3)
Matthew 2:6 ek sou eceleusetai hgoumenov
    The man child ... 111 x 8 (888)
Revelation 12:5 uion arsen
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For more about the wonderful math of Crop Circles see Hebrew Gematria, Thirteen & 666 and also The Star of David

Even as the crop circle phenomenon has persisted for many years, the mainstream press has yet to endorse its legitimacy. Just as the elusive UFO is avoided by governments and a willing press corps, it seems that crop circles are destined to be ignored or purposely discredited simply because no one has an acceptable explanation. Until now. You are privy to the purpose and meaning of crop circles. No amount of purposely malicious effort to invalidate the phenomon will suffice. They are, indeed, real. So real, in fact, that they are a prophesied occurrence that God Almighty has promised to send to us to tell us of His Son's soon return. The time is short. Please get prepaired for Christ's millennial reign.

Here's a story that the whole world should know about but few have heard: The Crop Circle Mystery (this link will open in a new window) from the British Gazette & Herald. And a link to the film's producer Terje Toftenes - Crop Circles (this link will open in a new window)


Man-made Crop Circles

Here are some examples of man-made crop circles who's executioners had a clear agenda of misinformation. If these fraudulent formations were the only images used to figure out the legitimacy of crop circles, it would be easy to understand why one might assume all crop circles were of anti-christ origin. However, we must not be intellectually lazy and, instead, aggressively investigate the phenomenon with the blinders off. Satan has a counterfeit for everything in Scripture. Are we to expect that Crop Circles would be any different? If you look closely, you'll see the unmistakable hand of man on the images below. Rough edges, imperfect alignments, uneven patterns are all indications of a fake. The messages of these particular circles point to concepts of Eastern mystics, and metaphysical religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Mayan/Aztec theosophies.

Ancient symbols for human spirituality
This uneven amatuerish image is of Mayan design.
Stantonbury Hill, Somerset 07-07-2007 - Wheat
Little London nr Yatesbury, Wiltshire 6-3-09 - Barley
Interesting design. Poor execution. Useless energy.
Above & Center – The image above is an obvious fake. The unmis- takable influence of Eastern mysticism is prevalent throughout counterfeit circles and represents a worldview that is held by many "croppies". It miffs me that these designs seem to be accepted as mainstream. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Right - The heavy hand of man is obvious in the images to the right. Most of the faked designs promote Eastern mysticism. Items like the Third Eye, mandala wheels, odd animals, even the portrait of Elvis in the fields of the UK, serve as Satan's distraction to the truth.
  Now that we've laid the groundwork, and have presented evidence that  many of the multiple-thousands of crop circles are real, then what is their purpose? Are alien cultures trying to gently nudge us into recognizing their existence, or is there something completely unexpected happening? We examine that question in our next Intriguing category called "The Star of David".  
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