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Keepers Of The Field:
The Strong Delusion Revealed

by J. Allen Jackson

KEEPERS is both provocative and controversial because it challenges our reality. Not in a philosophical or metaphysical way – although those aspects are certainly addressed – but through empirical evidence as presented in an action-packed, real-world cliffhanger. Written like a Tom Clancy thriller, the presentation takes you along on a whirlwind historical tour of recent geopolitical decisions by the world’s top leadership into a perilous near future, dictated by the body politic, where anything might happen. What happens will leave you scratching your head and saying, “Oh, my… maybe that is what’s been going on.”

“The Earth-changing millennial events that have unquestionably gripped our planet, such as global weather changes, increasing famine and disease, and the threat of a global Islamic Jihad, portend an ominous future for mankind. These signs of our times can either be frightening or exciting, depending on your point of view. Don’t miss this chance to examine the sinister nature of misguided political power and discover the significance of recent mysterious apparitions, where the outcome is a deeper understanding of the human condition and the revelation of how our individual choices profoundly impact our futures.”


The recent heinous acts by Islamic extremists and renewed tensions in Israel have put the world on notice to a new reality where terrorist danger in everyday life is to be vigilantly anticipated. Americans no longer live the life of ‘Camelot’ in comfortable isolation. No longer can we view tensions in other places – particularly the Middle East – with safe detachment. 
KEEPERS OF THE FIELD details the frightening, but inevitable, alliance of extremist Jihadists with the wounded (economically) Russian Bear. But KEEPERS introduces another seemingly unrelated element into the mix, known as the UFO phenomenon. Not a fictitious, sensational fabrication, but a sober presentation based on years of UFO research, and evidences as reported by millions of credible witnesses from every nation and walk of life, including notable celebrities and American Presidents. 
This is an unorthodox but serious work – in the “left behind” vein – with a rational theme, in spite of orchestrated misconceptions about UFOs to the contrary. It is the author’s desire to shed new light on the purpose and intensions of our “celestial visitors” through novel form, and to acknowledge their concern with, and sometimes direct intervention in, catastrophic events such as happened at the World Trade Center. 
The main character is a space shuttle pilot who is asked to command a secretive flight of America's newest SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit space shuttle) to the International Space Station where the U.S. President and his military advisors intend to arm an experimental, and highly classified, defensive laser in response to troop mobilizations in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Because America is no longer able to respond on two fronts simultaneously, the true danger lies in the temptation to use the device as an offensive weapon, which risks almost certain escalation to all-out nuclear war. 
Integral to the plot is the life style and adventures of an Arab Pakistani youngster in Persia (Iran) who’s uncle is an agent for the West in the midst of a massive mobilization by an Islamic league of nations. The I.C. (Islamic Confederation) is led by a charismatic Ayatollah who claims to be the Twelfth Imam, known as the Mahdi, or “God-guided One,” as prophesied in both Sunni and Shia Muslim texts for centuries. The coalescing Mahdi – Savior of Islam – is bent on a final assault (or Grand Jihad) on the nation of Israel. He has allied and armed his ragtag military forces with the help of Russian hard-liners who have taken over in their nation, now known as the Union of Sovereign Social-democratic Republics, or Sovereign Union in short. 
The Mahdi, Sayyid Majid Muhammad bin Abu-Qasim, is unaware that his alliance with Russia (the Sovereign Union) will lead to his destruction, as the Sovereign President intends to use the Islamic advance forces in Syria as human shields for his own delusional scheme of global domination. 
The risk to the United States comes from both factions, as well as from its own blundering Commander in Chief. Only the unexpected intervention from outside the worldly realm, as prophesied in many ancient manuscripts – not the least among them: the Holy Bible – prevents the total nuclear annihilation of the planet. The story is prudently interspersed with quotes from these credible sources from antiquity, but never succumbs to a “preachy” delivery. On the contrary, the focus remains on the main character’s frailties and archs. 
The style is Tom Clancy-like…well-researched and technically accurate…although it includes elements of the paranormal, perhaps akin to certain aspects of the X-files. However, with feet firmly planted on the ground, the message is clear. We live in a time of escalating danger brought on by the folly of world political leaders and misguided pronunciations from “progressive recidivists” around the planet. But fear not. Look up. For we are not alone in our plight. The Keepers are watching and awaiting their marching orders.

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