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Petrus Romanus, Project LUCIFER, and the Vatican's astonishing exo-theological plan for the arrival of an alien savior

by Thomas Horn & Cris Putnam
Pope Benedict XVI has resigned as Pope, just like the authors predicted he would do in their 2012 best-seller Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here. Since then Tom Horn and Cris Putnam have been inundated with invitations from around the world to be interviewed on radio, television, and in print media. These included segments in The History Channel's "Countdown to Apocalypse," a special feature on Canada's largest Christian channel VisionTV titled "I Prophesy: The Apocalypse Series," invitations to Rome to discuss with Italian media their findings on René Thibaut (a Belgian Jesuit whose meticulous analysis of the Prophecy of the Popes predicted the arrival of Petrus Romanus in this era), and dozens more. But during a show on Omega Man Radio the author's disclosed an "extraterrestrial" connection between Petrus Romanus, the Vatican, and the Mount Graham Observatory, which rocketed that program into the #1 position in the world, illustrating to the authors that modern civilization is more than casually interested not only in the final pope, but in the connection between Rome and their secret work on extraterrestrial intelligence, astrobiology, and the intriguing preparations they are making for the arrival of an alien 'savior.' Thus, the new investigation began and quickly resulted in findings far more disturbing than the authors expected to find.

•   Unveiled! The Vatican's secret plan for the arrival of an alien god  
•  Disclosed! Secret files in the Vatican library on the reality of the alien presence  
•  Found! The private document detailing the Vatican's position on the extraterrestrials  
•  Revealed! Project LUCIFER & a hidden "Fallen Star"  
•  2013! The year top astronomers say the alien world and its inhabitants will be divulged  
•  The Collins Elite, Occultism, and the covert breeding and
hybridization program
•  The incredible family secret that Tom Horn has kept concealed for decades!  
•  What top Government & Vatican Officials told the authors about  the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials  
•  The Vatican's Top Astronomer agrees to a rare interview with Horn & Putnam  
•  Nick Pope, Bruce Maccabee, Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel Jr. and others weigh in  


From the Back Cover

In Exo-Vaticana: Petrus Romanus, PROJECT LUCIFER, and the Vatican's astonishing exo-theological plan for the arrival of an alien savior, internationally acclaimed investigative authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam break the greatest story of our time and expose the elitists and intellectuals who are planning to assimilate mankind under a coming 'savior,' one whom the prophet Daniel foresaw as "an alien god."


About The Authors

  In Exo-Vaticana, internationally acclaimed author Thomas Horn and respected theologian and apologist Cris Putnam share their investigative research into what you can expect to unfold in the coming days, and, more importantly, what you can do to be prepared for the arrival of Petrus Romanus and the kingdom of Antichrist.  

All pastors, priests, and exorcists, should read Exo-Vaticana. Some parts of the book may be especially absorbing for theologians, who will probably be able to easily grasp its arguments better than most readers. But it's necessary that every reader stick with the book to the end to do the authors' arguments justice. Their validation may seem somewhat trivial or simplistic at first, and the book does tend to be repetitious in this area. However, it is very intelligently written -- much more so than the authors' closely related "Petrus Romanus." I feel convinced that the importance of the authors' concerns -- although I am not sure that I am as deeply convinced as they are -- makes the subject matter of the book, with all its copious information, very worthy of considered attention by conscientious Christians.

Catholics should resolve not to react sensitively to the fundamentalist Protestant evangelical convictions of the authors or their extreme apprehension at the villainy taking over the Catholic Church because they believe, according to the St Malachy's Prophecy, which has a record of being very accurate, that the last Pope (who is prophesied to be involved in some kind of nefarious events) is now on the throne. (When this book-full of references to problematic Jesuits went to print, these authors of "Petrus Romanus" were thinking that Arinze or Bertone the Roman, among others, were likely to be elected Pope. They must have been astonished and "floored" when a Jesuit, who was not on their list, was elected!)

The authors express their problem with what they see as a new Catholic "liberal inclusivism" that is willing to accept the possible Salvation of non-Christians and even in the process to befriend extraterrestrials whom the authors (and various other researchers and scholars) have identified as demons. The authors are concerned with the gnostic, pantheistic spirituality of intellectuals, some of whom have been prominent Catholics, and people like the New Agers who teach that through knowledge one awakens to the realization that all are One. These concerns which give rise to this book's title have to do partly with the authors' shock that Catholic astronomers, who have the most powerful heaven-viewing device in the world, have said that traditional Christian understanding of spiritual concepts and truths is likely to be much changed with the arrival of new astrobiological information from extraterrestrial creatures. These Jesuit astronomers happen to reject "belief" in Intelligent Design and Creationism but, rather, accept Panspermia, the idea that life came to earth from outer space. Other prominent Catholics accept Darwinism, which the authors also find theologically problematic. The authors think the acceptance of the theory of panspermia will lead the masses to believe that extraterrestrials, represented as Angels (but fallen ones), have been God's agents of creation. "Accordingly, this could be presented in such a way that does not require one to explicitly renounce his or her faith, but instead, to radically reinterpret it" (p. 204), thus paving a way for a merging of science and religion that will be inclusive of all religions ( even atheism) and will lead to easy acceptance of a global one-world religion and one-world government, which Pope Benedict apparently officially endorsed in 2011.

The book deals with modern and past reports which truly DO make a good case for the fact that demons (which are the fallen angels of Scripture, who are shown in Genesis and in some other non-canonical books as having mated with earthly women) have had an agenda over the centuries aimed at establishing a hybrid "fallen," evil-inclined race on earth. Among instances of their concern that church leaders fail to recognize UFO/ET activity for what it is, the authors point to Vatican astronomer, Fr. Consolmagno, who said that Jesus has POSSIBLY come as Savior to mankind not only as the "Son of Man" but as "a Child of other races." The authors ask, "Do Vatican scholars actually believe Jesus might have been the Star-Child of an alien race," and do Consolmagno and other Jesuits "secretly hold that the virgin birth was in reality an abduction scenario in which Mary was impregnated by ET, giving birth to a hybrid Jesus?" (p.19)

Catholic astronomers, in general, (who readily admit to observing a plethora of UFO activity through their super-telescope named "LUCIFER" in Nevada) seem eager to validate all potential knowledge from UFO/ET sources as revelational "truth" that will augment and change old limited fundamentalist views about spiritual truth. The authors quote concernedly the friendly, defensive acceptance of "the star people" by a former Vatican exorcist, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, and they point out his denial of the reality of UFO abductions which he thinks are all due to "psychological impairment." The authors posit other arguments that the Catholic Church's "liberal inclusivism", since Vatican II, is being applied to extraterrestials, and they express their additional concern that "most inerrancy upholding denominations" have brushed aside and ceased to believe even so much as the existence of a demonic spiritual realm.

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