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Revelations: Alien Contact and Human Deception

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Revelations: Alien Contact and
Human Deception


by Jacques Vallée

In REVELATIONS, the final volume of a trilogy, Dr. Jacques Vallee presents startling evidence that well-constructed hoaxes and media manipulations have misled UFO researchers, diverting them from the UFO phenomenon itself. Vallee takes readers step by step into the tangled web of UFOlogy's dark side, in an effort to clear the ever-thickening underbrush that has obscured the real nature of the UFO phenomenon.





Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Astrophysicist Vallee's venture into parapsychology is less likely to lure or convert skeptics than did the two previous volumes ( Dimension and Confrontations ) in his trilogy. Many readers will find a strain of paranoia in the author's argument that a lot of so-called sightings of unidentified flying objects in the past 40 years are the result of "complex hoaxes . . . carefully engineered for our benefit," with witnesses the victims. These incidents, Vallee believes, have been arranged by private groups with fantastic delusions which they want to spread, or by government agencies engaged in psychological warfare. He cites instances of willing dupes taken in by bizarre tales--one contended that aliens now working here had been captured by the U.S. military; another that a subterranean community of humanoids toiled beneath the New Mexico desert. Illustrations not seen by PW.

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  From Library Journal
Vallee, a respected investigator in a difficult field (he was the real-life model behind the French scientist in Steven Spielberg's film Close Encounters of the Third Kind ), here presents the final volume of his recent trilogy of reports. (The first two are Dimensions: A Casebook of Alien Contact , Contemporary Bks., 1988, and Confrontations: A Scientist's Search for Alien Contact , LJ 3/1/90.) Readers with some background in the puzzling UFO phenomenon of the last 40 years will appreciate his insights. He pulls no punches with both government obfuscation and the lunatic fringe of UFO cultists. Most valuable is his international scope. There are few answers here, but several suggestions for rational lines of research. Recommended.
    -- Jeanne S. Bagby, formerly with Tucson P.L., Arizona.

Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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unavailable edition of this title.
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