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The Hynek UFO Report:
(Foreword by Jacques F. Vallée)

by Joseph Allen Hynek

UFOs recently made the leap back from folklore to news stories, when a cult claimed a UFO was following the Hale-Bopp comet. Originally released in 1977, this just-republished report by the world's foremost authority distills 12,000 "sightings" and 140,000 pages of Project Blue Book "evidence" into a coherent explanation. A U.S. Air Force-sponsored UFO-basher for years, Hynek had completely changed his tune by the late 1960s. Whether you believe in little green men or an official government cover-up policy, The Hynek UFO Report is must reading for your own analysis.

•  Have UFOs really been reported by every nation
    across the globe?
•  Can all the eyewitness reports simply be fantasy?
•  Are we victims of mass hallucination or just plain lies?
•  Have close encounters actually occurred?
•  Is the government concealing deep secrets at
     a hidden base?

Here are answers to at least some of the mysteries...and educated guesses on others. New foreword by Dr. Jacques F. Vallée. If there's one book that you want to read on the UFO phenomena, then I'd suggest getting a copy of this one. J. Allan Hynek originally worked as head of Project Blue Book, the U.S. Air Force's attempt to "study" and ultimately debunk, the numerous UFO sightings that were occuring after 1947. A trained scientist, he was a skeptic, but soon came to the conclusion that in a small number of cases, nearly one in four, something truly unexplained had occured. In a field where much has been published that is simply outrageous and fabricated, The Hynek UFO Report is rational, logical and realistic.


Customer Reviews:

Dr. Hynek reveals for the first time that the government's studies had been tainted by prejudice from on high. Roughly 23 percent of all UFO reports during the fifties and sixties were of "unknown" origin and this bombshell of a book was nothing less than scandalous at the time. Hynek, as the government's lead investigator of the phenomenon, admits that his own research had been misleading, if not downright dishonest. Governments from around the world have taken the USAF's position of "it can't be, therefore, it isn't" and have sought to protect and insulate themselves from criticism of ineptitude with their policy of silence.

The Hynek UFO Report distills over 12,000 sightings and 140,000 official Project Blue Book pages. Hynek reveals what the government suppressed and why. This book should be in every serious UFO researcher's library.

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