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Flying Saucers Over the White House:

The Inside Story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt and
His Official U.S. Air Force Investigation of UFOs


by Colin Bennett
(foreward by Nick Pope)

Flying Saucers Over the White House is the story of Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, a US Air Force officer who researched UFO sightings in the 1950s and made a concentrated effort to convince the United States Air Force that UFOs exist. Ruppelt, who coined the term 'UFO', headed "Project Blue Book," an assignment designed by the United States government to investigate and report on the existence of unidentified flying objects and their link to extraterrestrial beings. Ruppelt dissected the evidence, separating chance sightings of ordinary objects from true UFO sightings. He eventually wrote The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, summarizing his findings. In Flying Saucers Over the White House, Bennett examines the life of this "founding father" of ufology, analyzing the evidence and the U.S. government's reporting of this phenomenon for a new generation of readers.







COLIN BENNETT has written several books, including The Entertainment Bomb, *Looking for Orthon*, and Politics of the Imagination, which won the Anomalist Award for Best Biography in 2002. After leaving school to become a professional musician, Bennett returned to college to study English at Balliol College at the University of Oxford. He wrote several plays that were performed in London before reinventing himself as an electronics engineer and founding a consulting agency. Bennett currently resides in London where he continues to write and discover new interests.

Amazon Customer Review

Intriguing Look into the Origin of UFOs and Government Security July 11, 2011

Colin Bennett's Flying Saucers Over The White House is a tribute to U.S. Air Force officer Captain Edward Ruppelt and his findings in the field of "Ufology." Edward Ruppelt is credited for having invented the term "unidentified flying object," which replaced the term "flying saucer." The book focuses on UFO research, UFO culture and history, alleged military cover-ups, Project Blue Book, and the Condon Report. Edward Ruppelt is considered to be one of the founding fathers of Ufology. He is renowned for his contributions in the investigation of UFO phenomena, as well as in determining whether or not there were discernible threats to national security.

Ruppelt often encountered difficult circumstances and doubters in his efforts to UFO sightings and reports. Working with the Pentagon, Ruppelt established the new Project Grudge and authored the Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, which was based on his findings.

Ruppelt states, "We found out that the UFOs frequently visited Washington. On May 23, fifty targets had been tracked from 8:00 PM till midnight." Unfortunately, Bennett concludes that Ruppelt's brainchild, Operation Blue Book, " verbally and, hence conceptually, erased in an operation that any hard-line Soviet commissar of the time would have admired. Names and faces disappear, the stories come apart, hanging together as threads and webs as little bits go missing." This is, perhaps, the reason why so many people have heard of the term "UFO" but have never heard of U.S. Air Force officer Captain Edward J. Ruppelt.

The Air Force investigations revealed that the UFO posed no threat to national security. Although people like Chieftain Samford are prepared to do almost anything to prove that the UFO is a figment of the imagination, Edward Ruppelt works tirelessly to establish credibility for ufology.

Ultimately, Flying Saucers Over The White House sheds light on the life of one man who single-handedly changed the way the government looked at concepts like security. Colin Bennett's purpose in writing the book is to present Edward Ruppelt's information to a newer, more open generation – to let it decide what it wants to believe. There is certainly enough evidence to warrant revisiting the issue. This is a must read for anyone interested in the origins of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), or in the reaction of the government toward what has become a somewhat respectable area of study.

    -- Mihir Shah  
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