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The Andreasson Affair:
The Documented Investigation of a Woman's Abduction
Aboard a UFO

by Raymon Fowler
(introduction J. Allen Hynek)

Not since John Fuller, in unraveling the strange story of Barney and Betty Hill's experience with alien abductors in "The Interrupted Journey", has there been a report of UFO contact as puzzling or unusual as this one. With the introduction of The Andreasson Affair, Ray Fowler broke upon the publishing scene in 1978 causing a sensation among UFO investigators and cynics alike. Long out of print, it is being reissued to amaze and confound a new generation of readers. This classic in the field of UFO literature is a gripping account of abduction, genetic examination, and actual physical and mental contact with what many call "extraterrestrials". From information obtained during the hypnotic regression of a Massachusetts housewife, Betty Andreasson, the author describes a trip into another world and contact with another realm who's ambassadors are in total agreement with traditional Christianity. This revelation took the investigators by surprise and their epic struggle to make "scientific sense" of the data makes this work unique. If you want to know how the abduction craze all began, then make sure you read about this fascinating journey. In combination with Aliens & In-laws, this ground breaking work will give you new insight into the UFO phenomenon where few have dared to tread.

o personal library of a reader interested in the UFO subject in general and the abduction phenomenon in particular is complete without Ray Fowler's books. One reason the so-called "Andreasson Affair" is important to the study of the abduction issue is because when the case was researched in the 1970s the patterns later uncovered by other independent researchers were unknown and much of this information was new. Some of the details described by Betty Andreasson still seem unique to this case, though increasing knowledge about the phenomenon in later years meant that when seen retrospectively many aspects are now seen to fit a common pattern.

The book describes in detail a single extended event which happened during the evening of 25 January 1967, when Betty Andreasson was apparently abducted by five small, hairless and large-eyed grey aliens from her isolated house in South Ashburnham, Massachusetts, whilst the rest of her extended family - with the exception of her eldest daughter Becky, who witnessed and remembered most of what happened inside the house - were "shut down" for the duration. The report of the resulting abduction qualifies as "high strangeness" by any standards and at the time was unique and extraordinary. There was extensive communication between Betty and the entities and she was subjected to a real rollercoaster ride, described in full in the book.

The incident took many years to reach investigators because, as the author Ray Fowler states: "Where does someone go to report a UFO experience so bizarre that one hesitates to discuss it with either family or friends? Where does one turn when government officials have publicly decreed that UFOs do not exist? Such was the plight of the Andreasson family." Eventually a letter from Betty to J. Allen Hynek found its way to Ray Fowler and a local MUFON investigative team who thought it might be worth looking into. The case is still one of the best documented ever because of the large quantity of detailed recorded testimony, extensive polygraph testing of the key witnesses, detailed analysis of corroborative evidence, careful character checks and comparison with other CE3 cases. The eventual 528-page report, signed by five investigators, was distilled down to this 200-page book.

Betty Andreasson is a competent artist and the case is also unusual because she was able to render her memories of the aliens and their technology into detailed drawings which, reproduced in full, add much to the descriptive text in the book.

The story is problematic to some investigators because Betty, a committed Christian, sees her experiences through the prism of religious belief and of overriding importance to her is to know if the alien entities are "Angels" of God or "Demons" of The Devil. In recent years it has been learned that in order to ensure better compliance the aliens tend to play to the belief-system and values of the abductee to make the experience more acceptable, and they convinced Betty she was having a positive, God-inspired encounter.

Ray Fowler wrote at least two follow-up books on the Andreasson case, and it transpired that Betty's experience was in fact more similar to others than was evident when the story originally came to light, in that she turned out like most abductees to have serial experiences. The event described in this original book, the subject of this review, was the "trigger event."

This landmark book should be read by anyone interested in the abduction phenomenon and the history of its investigation. It stands out amongst the plethora of new-age mush and "channelled" nonsense in being cautious, grounded and non-judgmental about the "strangeness" aspects. Ray Fowler deserves major credit for sticking his neck out and publishing this original account at a time when he was virtually guaranteed controversy and even ridicule no matter how rigorous the scientific method employed and how careful the controls used. The introduction to the book is written by J. Allen Hynek and that alone should tell the reader that the content is likely to be close to best scientific, investigative practice, and so it proves.

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