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Think of our Web site as a blank canvas…ergo our background's linen canvas look…on which we are painting some new and creative ways of contemplating our universe. As believers in the tested and time-honored practice of Christianity, we wanted to approach our witness in a new and creative way. We are focused on those things in the Bible that make you go, "Hummmm? What can that be?" Are these things to be taken literally, or is there a symbollic, rather than literal, meaning...perhaps both? How do these mysterious apparitions relate to us in a real-world way? Is there a connection with our modern-day mysteries and those of biblical times? If so, how would ancient men describe modern technologies that fly about in our skies? We attempt to get clarity by applying logic and emperical evidences.

There are many mysteries in our world and we have chosen just a few, albeit the most significant, such as the ubiquitous UFO and remarkably beautiful Crop Circles. And then there's the newest phenomenon called Sky Trumpets. Not too visual but nontheless mysterious. We love to ponder their significance and see how they apply to our modern precepts of reality. Do these things really serve only as a distraction to our faith and act as evil sideshows to God's plan of salvation? Or is there a more wonderous essence to all the intrigue?

If you share our fascination with the mysterious then we may consider assisting you with your passion. A&O Publishers is a book and video publishing business, not a printing business. However, we can direct you to some printing options. We can assist you in developing your printed piece by editing your manuscript and designing its format, including cover art and interior illustrations or photography, if desired. We are not a typing service, so you'll need to have your manuscript prepared in digital form and carefully proofed, having put it through the spell-check program of your choice. We're ready to assist you in bringing your ideas to reality and ready for print. Then we can assist you in promoting your book or video online through several channels including producing a Web site to publicize your title, authorship or otherwise. As trained professionals in the creative process our input should prove invaluable in marketing your work and creating a reader-friendly experience for your viewers. We work on a per-project basis so you'll need to contact us with your requirements and we'll submit a written estimate for accomplishing your chosen tasks.

We look forward to hearing from you. Begin with a standard inquiry letter and a brief synopsis of your story or concept (no more than one typed page). We do not accept full manuscripts online, as is standard practice in our industry. Please keep your inquiry to less than 700 characters.

To make a submission go to this page: contact us

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INTRIGUE (cont'd)
•  Crop Circles: Signs On the Earth
  The Star of David
  The Bethlehem "Star"
  Noah's Ark Rediscovered!
  The Real Mount Sinai
  Parting The Red Sea
  Building the Third Temple
  Hebrew Gematria, Thirteen & 666
  Tetrahedron Unified Field Theorem
  Mothership Zion: New Jerusalem
  Making A Submission
How To Get Your Ideas Online
 Marketing is Key to Success
   Blue Book
Project 1947
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